How To Write a Website Group Writing Project

Brad Shorr of Word Sell Inc. and Karen Swim of Words for Hire have come up with one of the most useful group writing projects to hit the Web.
Write a Website Group Writing Project


How to write a website

In Brad’s words: “Karen and I think small business owners need help. You can have the greatest programmer in the world, and the most eye catching design, but in the end, it still boils down to what words go where.”

How it works

  • Subscribe to the Word Sell Inc. blog
  • Brad will post project-related topics on the blog with questions to get you thinking. Each project-related post will mention “How to Write a Website” in the title.
  • You participate with your comments

I’m a bit late with this announcement. Chapter 1 about the Home Page and Chapter 2 covering the About Us page are already open and being discussed so join in.

The goal

Create an ebook for entrepreneurs and small business owners about the different kinds of written content their website should have.

Submission Deadline

This is an ongoing project with no deadline so far


To be announced

Results from the Cell Phone Users and Abusers Group Writing Project

The Cell Phone Users and Abusers Group Writing Project has just announced its prize winners among the 26 entries.
Fight Cell Phone Abuse


  1. Robyn McMaster, Driving Under the Influence of Cells
  2. Joanna Young, Mobile Phone NoiseL I’m On the Train!!!
  3. Robyn McMaster, Kickstart Cellphone Smarts!*
  4. Jackie Cameron, Why I both love and hate mobile phones
  5. Aylad MacOdys, Hang. Up. Now.
  6. Kate Baggott, Your Mobile: More Expensive than You Know
  7. Brad Shorr, Cell Hell In the Pews*
  8. Em Dy, Cell Phones and Timing
  9. Ulla Hennig, The cell phone that wasn’t turned off
  10. Sarah, The Dark Side of Cell Phone
  11. Deb, Cell Phone Pet Peeve
  12. Karen Hanrahan, I Probably Won’t Die of Cancer Either
  13. Robert Hruzek, Why I Hate Cell Phones
  14. Gary Viray, Cell Phone Users & Abusers
  15. Ajay, My Top Three Cellphone Peeves
  16. Lillie Ammann, Cell Phone Users & Abusers
  17. Brad Shorr, Waiting for Goodbye*
  18. Luke Gedeon, Cell Phone Users and Abusers: Texting While Driving
  19. Yvonne Russell, 5 Ways To Cheese Off Your Fellow Planet Dwellers With A Cell Phone
  20. Angell, Cell Phone Etiquette 101
  21. Debbie Yost, We Are Texting Away Our Compassion
  22. Jeanne Dininni, The Cell Phone: Both a Blessing and a Curse
  23. Rarst, Rise and fall of mobile hyperconnectivity
  24. Jacob Share, The Most Powerful Job Search Tool You Didn’t Know You Had
  25. Erica DeWolf, Today’s Cell Phone and Mobile Etiquette
  26. Damama T, Twittering my life away – Confessions of a texting junkie.

Prize Winners

Congratulations to Erica, Karen, Jeanne, Robert, Gary, Damama, Debbie and Deb!

Cell Phone Users and Abusers Group Writing Project

Brad Shorr’s latest group writing project is one we can all identify with if you’ve ever wanted to brain someone for leaving their cellphone on in a movie theater.
Fight Cell Phone Abuse


Cell Phone Users and Abusers

In Brad’s words: “What cell phone behavior drives you crazy? What strange cell phone experiences have you had? How are cell phones (or “mobiles”) helping society … or hurting it?”


  • Make your post readable for all ages.
  • The post must contain a link back to the announcement post.
  • Recommended: reuse the above logo on your own post.
  • To submit your entry, leave a comment on the the announcement post with your post’s title and permalink.


Randomly-chosen participants will win 1 of 8 cash prizes ranging from US$500 to US$50.

Submission Deadline

Midnight Friday December 5th, 2008


December 8th, 2008

A Visual Blogroll: Thank You For Your Support

Every blogger should be so lucky. Since Group Writing Projects launched, special bloggers have come forward to help spread the word about this site. This is a salute to them.

This post was inspired by Group Writing Projects member Lillie Ammann’s long thank yous to every commenter on her blog.

Can you still become a Group Writing Projects Supporter?

Of course! To enjoy the royal treatment and have your blog added to the visual blogroll, you simply need to blog a review about this site and then tell us about it.

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Confident Writing

Group Writing Projects Supporter Confident Writing Filled with writing tips and Joanna Young’s expertise, Confident Writing is officially “not just for writers but for anyone who wants or needs to write with confidence – because our words count.”Joanna is a great enabler and communicator who is very active within her own blog community and the others that she follows.

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Group Writing Projects Supporter InspirationBit Vivien’s InspirationBit “provides readers with topics on Web design and development, Art and Photography, other bloggers, tutorials on various topics, site reviews, internet prodigies and much more.”A talented designer and developer, Vivien’s blog makes you want to blog. True inspiration.

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The Reader Appreciation Project

Group Writing Projects Supporter The Reader Appreciation Project Piloted by Ronald Huereca and Simonne Matthew, the Reader Appreciation Project “is aimed at showing readers that they are one of the most important assets a blogger can have.”At the forefront of the enormous WordPress community, Ronald is a consummate pro with a knack for understanding what bloggers want before they do, and then giving it to them.

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All Tips and Tricks

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Word Sell, Inc.

Group Writing Projects Supporter Word Sell, Inc. Brad Shorr’s Word Sell, Inc. aims “to help you create exciting content to attract and engage customers, to put words into action.”Word maestro and avid cartoonist, Brad’s writing surprises when you realize that you learned something and also enjoyed it. A terrific community participant.

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