Results from the Dear Cupid Group Writing Project

Between the Lines Dear Cupid group writing project assured poor Cupid of a full inbox this year. Well, somewhat full with 11 letters to fulfill.

(Being one of the first project announcements here, this group writing project gets a free pass to have its results published. Soon, only creators that first submit their group writing project will merit the display of their results here at Group Writing Projects.)

Between The Lines


  1. Love in the time of laundry by Karen
  2. love letter by Bella
  3. This, Our Life by Jena
  4. A letter to Cupid before Valentine’s Day by Laura
  5. A Valentine Special Series: Part 2 by Shelli
  6. following orders by Paul aka Marta
  7. shove your flowers and your chocolate by Gina aka Marta
  8. got cupid? by me aka Marta
  9. Dear CupidThe Belle Weather aka Marta
  10. just for her by Marta
  11. Dear Cupid — Writing Project by Shawn

Interesting note

Although unintentional, this was entirely a Blogger group writing project in terms of which blog platform the participants are on. Hopefully Group Writing Projects will remedy that kind of situation for the future.

Dear Cupid: Valentine’s Day Group Writing Project

Dear Cupid group writing projectOver at Between the Lines, Shawn has launched the Dear Cupid group writing project.


Dear Cupid

In Shawn’s words: “With all the Hallmark hype put into Valentine’s Day each year, we might as well honor the old name of this blog with a little letter project… Have fun. Be serious. Be flirty. Go ahead, show some leg. It’s OK. Whatever you have to do to w-r-i-t-e.”


  1. Your post must start with “Dear Cupid: …”
  2. You must link to the announcement post on Between the Lines

Submission Deadline

February 14th, 2008


Every day there’s at least 3 links to list, until the end of the group writing project on February 14th, 2008.