What I Learned From People Group Writing Project

What I Learned From group writing projectProlific group writing project creator Robert Hruzek is at it again.


What I Learned From People

In Robert’s words: “Time to put on your thinking caps and tell the world about a time you learned something – anything – from a human-type person or persons.”

I love the ”human-type”. So Dilbert is in, but Dogbert is out.


  1. Your post must tell of a lesson learned.
  2. No recycling – the post must be new.
  3. The post needs to link to the original announcement at Middle Zone Musings.
  4. The title must include “What I Learned From…”
  5. Be nice 🙂
  6. Warning: if your post isn’t suitable for all ages, it may not be included in the final results.

Submission Deadline

Sunday, February 10th, 2008


The next day: Monday, February 11th, 2008

Dear Cupid: Valentine’s Day Group Writing Project

Dear Cupid group writing projectOver at Between the Lines, Shawn has launched the Dear Cupid group writing project.


Dear Cupid

In Shawn’s words: “With all the Hallmark hype put into Valentine’s Day each year, we might as well honor the old name of this blog with a little letter project… Have fun. Be serious. Be flirty. Go ahead, show some leg. It’s OK. Whatever you have to do to w-r-i-t-e.”


  1. Your post must start with “Dear Cupid: …”
  2. You must link to the announcement post on Between the Lines

Submission Deadline

February 14th, 2008


Every day there’s at least 3 links to list, until the end of the group writing project on February 14th, 2008.

Me Time: MamaBlogga’s January Group Writing Project

Over at MamaBlogga, Jordan is running her 9th group writing project.

Mamablogga logo


Me Time

In Jordan’s words: “Feel free to write about how you take time for yourself, how you need time for yourself, what you do with time for yourself, and/or anything else that comes to mind. Feel free to go in any direction that appeals to you.”


  1. Your post must relate to the theme
  2. You can participate via your blog, vlog, plog, etc. or with a guest post on Mamablogga
  3. Your post must be newer than Jan.28th, 2008


US$30 gift certificate to Amazon.com


Coming Feb. 5th, 2008

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