Launches as First-Ever Blog Dedicated to Group Writing Projects

112 million blogs later, bloggers now have a way to publicize and follow group writing projects

PARIS, France, February 12, 2008 – Paris-based Share Select Media today launched a new type of blog at

The site is called Group Writing Projects and remedies a number of frustrations that bloggers have. “A growing trend, group writing projects are a great way to get links and drive traffic to blogs,” says Jacob Share, SVP of Share Select Media, “but bloggers simply had no easy way of knowing when and where group writing projects were taking place until now.”

Besides helping bloggers stay on top of group writing projects from around the blogosphere, Group Writing Projects allows bloggers to submit their own group writing projects to the site. This feature is one way that Group Writing Projects aims to be the premier resource for group writing projects on the Internet. In addition to profiles of successful bloggers, the site will furnish tutorials, how-to guides, project case studies, takeaway lessons and of course, its own group writing projects.

A select group of bloggers were given advance access to Group Writing Projects. “This is an amazing idea,” said one. “There are blogs out there that keep up with contests, advertising prices, and more – but I believe this one is truly great and one I’ll be using all the time.” Another blogger commented “I do like to participate in group writing projects, and this will be an easy way to keep track. Thanks for doing this.”

For further information:

About Share Select Media:

Share Select Media is an online media company focused on empowering quality bloggers to reach beyond their goals, while innovating new kinds of blogs and creating elite-quality, professional Web content.


Jacob Share
Senior Vice President, Share Select Media
+33 (0)9 50 26 78 41
Skype: jacob.share
jacob.share [at]

All inquiries will receive a reply.


Home Based Business Group Writing Project

Home Based Business Group Writing ProjectIf you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you know something useful for anyone with a home-based business. You might even have a home-based business. If so, you’ll like this group writing project.


Home-based Businesses

In Don’s words: “The Home Based Business Group Writing Project is a chance for you to share your expertise on any topic related to Home Based Business.”

Don’s announcement explains how “Courtney Tuttle’s Internet Marketing Writing Project set my site on a course for early success” and he’s hoping the same thing for you in his group writing project. He goes on to help you out by suggesting a list of topics.


  1. Your post can be anything that would be useful for a home-based business.
  2. You can reuse the project logo (pictured here) on your blog post.
  3. You should link back to Don’s announcement post.
  4. Contact Don with the permalink url of your article or post it in the comments on the announcement post.

Submission Deadline

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008


The next day: Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Results from MamaBlogga’s Me Time Group Writing Project

MamaBlogga’s January group writing project has now ended with a nice 21 entries and a winner of the US$30 gift certificate at Way to go, Jordan!

(Being one of the first project announcements here, this group writing project gets a free pass to have its results published. Soon, only creators that first submit their group writing project will merit the display of their results here at Group Writing Projects)

Mamablogga logo

21 Results

  1. Me. Me. Me! by Shawn
  2. Dear God, Why Me? by Megan Toney
  3. I’ll take care of me, one way or the other by Daisy
  4. Me Time by Jill
  5. I’m a person, not a calculator by Tracy
  6. Simple Things by Ursula
  7. Just Like Brigitte Bardot by Mama Zen
  8. Work IS My Time for Myself by Believer in Balance
  9. What Time is It? by Mommy Zabs
  10. Me-Time Is All in My Head by Marta Pelrine-Bacon
  11. Searching For My “Me Time” by Amanda
  12. Who Are We Kidding? by mumple
  13. Me Time by Lisa
  14. I Need Some Me Time! by Lynnae
  15. My Time on the Throne by Candace (Mama Mia)
  16. Did Wonder Woman Ever Cry? by Julie Arduini
  17. Me Time! by Joleene Libby
  18. Me, myself and I by Deb – Mom of 3 Girls
  19. Don’t Just Do Something – Sit There! by phyllis
  20. My “me time:is what I make of it by MomOnTheGo
  21. Me Time for Moms by Jordan (MamaBlogga )

Prize Winner

Me Time! by Joleene Libby. Congratulations, Joleene 🙂

Social Media Mega Group Writing Project

After 2007’s Sources of Inspiration and Time Management Strategies group writing projects, Vivien at Inspiration Bit has organized one of the most ambitious group writing projects the Web has seen yet.

Social Media Mega Group Writing ProjectIt’s actually 19 separate group writing projects rolled into one.


Social Media

In Vivien’s words: “I’ve announced a new kind of group writing project in the blogiverse – a collaborative Social Media Mega Project that would unite 10 bloggers from all over the world to organize and host a GWP on their blogs dedicated to the chosen social media site(s).”

There are 19 social networking sites being covered by the 10 participating bloggers:

  1. Host: Aaron Stroud at On Financial Success
  2. Facebook. Host: Ina at Inspiring Wear
  3. Flickr & Zooomr. Host: Brian Auer at Epic Edits
  4. Twitter, LinkedIn. Host: Isabella Mori at Change Therapy and Alphablogs
  5. StumbleUpon, YouTube, MySpace. Host: Karen Zara at a1-fan-fun
  6. Sphinn. Host: Simonne at All Tips And Tricks
  7. Second Life. Host: Dandellion at Living in the Metaverse
  8. Mixx, Propeller, Squidoo. Host: Pearl at Fresh Perspectives
  9. Sk*rt, Blogging Zoom, Bvibes. Host: Janie at Colloquium
  10. Technorati. Host: Monica at Me Like The Interweb
  11. Digg and Reddit. Host: Vivien at Inspiration Bit


(These are the same for each individual group writing project in the Social Media Mega Project)

  1. Blog about how you use the social media site on topic: your experiences, preferences, tips and warnings about that site are all welcome.
  2. Contact the hosting blogger with your name, email and a permalink to your post. If you don’t have your own blog, you can submit a guest post or email your insight to the hosting blogger.
  3. Only one article per group writing project or social media site, so a blogger could submit a maximum 19 separate entries or enter an article that discusses multiple sites.
  4. Isabella Mori added: If you’d like to submit an article that was written in the past, please make sure that the information is still current, and please edit the article to show the link to the overall project as well the link to the host to which you are submitting the article.
  5. Karen Zara added: No profanity, no insults, no plagiarism. Be nice.

After the submission deadline, each hosting blogger will list all the entries they received. You should then write another post where you link to your favorite articles and all the other results.

Also, Vivien will collect all the links from all 10 bloggers and post them on Inspiration Bit in a social media mega roundup. This means that any participating blogger is going to get at least 2 links for their article.


There are 5 cash prizes of US$25 for the Top 5 hosting bloggers whose group writing projects received the most entries. Any ties will be decided by Vivien based on the entries’ quality.

However, Colloquium’s Janie has added an extra twist to encourage you to submit to her group writing project on Sk*rt, Blogging Zoom and Bvibes:

If Colloquium is named one of the top five participating blogs, I will ask readers to vote for their favorite article submitted about Sk*rt and/or Blogging Zoom. The winning author will receive the $25 award provided by Vivien — and I will match that prize twice over by making a donation in the same amount to the charity of the winner’s choice, along with a $25 donation to the American Cancer Society in honor of my sister, a colon cancer survivor. That’s a total prize package of $75.”

Submission Deadline

Friday, February 22nd, 2008 This group writing project has been extended to: Monday, March 24th


After the weekend: Monday, February 25th, 2008 Friday, March 28th