A Family Product I Cannot Live Without Group Writing Project

One of the first group blog-based projects that I’ve seen in awhile, the Does Mommy Love It? blog has just announced their first group writing project.

Does Mommy Love It? Group Writing Project


A Family Product I Cannot Live Without, is…

In their words: “this could be anything (a baby product, a child toy, or a website or book, etc.) that has helped you in your everyday family world. Please explain how it fits into your definition of what a “family product” is.”


  • The post must contain a link back to the announcement post.
  • Recommended: reuse the above logo on your own post.
  • To submit your entry, you need to use the small submission form at the end of the announcement post that the blog calls Mr. Linky”. As the blog recommends, “make sure that you link back to your specific entry post and not your blog URL”.


US$20 Amazon.com gift certificate, randomly chosen from all the entries.

Submission Deadline

Sunday February 24th 2008, Midnight Eastern Time Zone.


As people post their entries via Mr. Linky

My Love Affair With Writing Group Writing Project

Blogging is writing. Whether just starting out or spanning 20 years of experience, if you blog, you must love to write. Time to show it off.


My Love Affair With Writing

My Love Affair With Writing Group Writing ProjectIn Joanna’s words: “it might be a love affair that’s lasted many years, a brief flame of passion or the heartbreak of unrequited love.

Maybe you’re at the start of a new relationship with your words, or looking back on lifetime of fulfilled writing.

It’s up to you.”


  1. Open to anyone, not just writers
  2. Your post must be on topic
  3. Tag it with “my love affair with writing”
  4. Link back to the announcement post
  5. As Joanna says- “Keep it within the boundaries of decency :-)”


A book – Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down The Bones – to be given to the blog post that Joanna likes most.

Submission Deadline

February 28th, 2008


early March

Results from the What I Learned From People Group Writing Project

The latest installment of Middle Zone Musings’ ongoing monthly group writing projects garnered a respectable 20 entries. Nice one, Robert!

(Being one of the first project announcements here, this group writing project gets a free pass to have its results published. Soon, only creators that first submit their group writing project will merit the display of their results here at Group Writing Projects)

Middle Zone Musings logo


  1. Salvadore Dali, by Amy Palko at Lives Less Ordinary
  2. People, by Trevor Hampel at Trevor’s Writing
  3. Things I have learned from… People, by Sarah Stewart at Sarah’s Musings
  4. I don’t understand people! – sometimes, by Karin H. at The Kiss Business Too
  5. “young” people, by Jackie Cameron at Jackie Cameron
  6. My Business Mentors, by Brad Shorr at Word Sell, Inc.
  7. No Impact Man, by Karen Hanrahan at Best of Mother Earth
  8. People Watching, Sam Brougher at Your Scared Seductive System
  9. People with Down Syndrome, by Debby Y. at Three Weddings
  10. There’s Only One Word for What I Learned From People, by Joanna Young at Confident Writing
  11. People: The best mirrors of our lives, by Mike Botz (no blog – guest posted at MZM)
  12. the People we collectively call “our employees”, by Rosa Say at Managing with Aloha Coaching
  13. Kung Hee Fat Choy! What I Learned From Clara, by Rosa Say at Joyful Jubilant Learning
  14. the Blob in the Black Sweater, by Jean Browman at Transforming Stress Into Personal Power
  15. the Bass Player, by Pete Aldin at Freaked Out Fathers
  16. People with Magical Thinking, by Lillie Amman at A Writer’s Words, and Editor’s Eye
  17. a Physician with an Atrocious Bedside Manner, by Jeanne Dininni at Writer’s Notes
  18. People, by Stephen Sherlock at Quiet Poet
  19. a Complete Jerkbrain, by Robert Hruzek at Middle Zone Musings
  20. One of the UK’s Best Known Business Authors, by Andrew Rondeau at Great Management

Missing: Sponsors for a Graphic Design Group Writing Project

Jacob Cass of Just Creative Design is preparing what he calls a Massive Graphic Design Group Writing Project. If he can get all the sponsors he’s aiming for, it will be massive. Maybe you can help.

Why be a sponsor?

As a sponsor of this project, you are guaranteed:

  • 80 Royalty-Free Photoshop Brushes
  • More Subscriptions – You will get more subscriptions as people will subscribe to your blogs to gain extra entries into the prize draw.
  • Blog Roll Adds – people will add you to their blogrolls to gain extra entries into the prize draw.
  • Link Love – blogs will link to your website to gain more entries into the draw. You can also write an article to get even more exposure.
  • 2 or more Links from Jacob Cass – to your blog and with the appropriate anchor text on the main blog writing article and also on the final prize draw post
  • 9x Free 2 Months Advertisement on JustCreativeDesign.com – Jacob will be giving away 9 free 16×16 advertisements to 9 random lucky people for display on his site Just Creative Design.
  • A chance to win all the other prizes that people put up for sponsorship, such as…

Prizes Already Put Up For Sponsorship

  • Electric Guitar – From Rafie from mohdrafie.co.uk, complete with all accessories.
  • 55 iStock Credits – offered by PJ from WP-Premiums.
  • Plus…

Additional Prizes Sponsored by Jacob Cass

Get more details about what Jacob has in mind in his call for sponsorship and his call for sponsorship update.

Don’t forget to subscribe now to Group Writing Projects via RSS or email to get the kickoff announcement for Jacob’s group writing project.

Ever sponsored a group writing project before?