Worlds Longest Blog Post Group Writing Project

David VanBuren has created a literary group writing project, different than the other announcements usually seen here.

Worlds Longest Blog Post

Writers, start your engines.


The Adventures of Michael McCann

In David’s words: “The World Longest Blog Post is a story to be told by you the viewer, one sentence at a time…The goal of this site is to have the worlds longest single blog post with a story written by you the viewer.”


  • Read the story “The Adventures of Michael McCann
  • Leave a comment in the post of what you think the next sentence in the story should be and mention your blog, website or e-mail address.
  • Your sentence must follow the story line.
  • No profanity in your sentence or link, please.
  • If selected, your sentence will be added to the story. If not, try again later.
  • For each sentence selected, you will get a link which will be part of the sentence, but you’re limited to 1 web address or e-mail per 50 sentences. See the story post for examples.

Submission Deadline

None yet, this gwp is ongoing


Updated versions of the story are posted every few days

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