Word Sell’s Cartoon-Inspired Group Writing Project

Brad Shorr of Word Sell, Inc. has begun a new group writing project with a twist- the theme is based on one of Word Sell’s own cartoons.

Word Sell Cartoon-Inspired group writing project


Your inspiration from a Word Sell cartoon

In Brad’s words: “Your post can be about anything, as long as it’s inspired by the cartoon.”


  1. Write a new post about the Word Sell cartoon.
  2. Link to the announcement post in your article.
  3. Email Brad (bshorr[at sign]wordsellinc.com) the title and permalink url to your post.
  4. Please keep your post “G-rated”.
  5. Recommended: use the cartoon image in your post.


There are 2 prizes:

  1. An 8GB iPod Nano will go to a participant chosen at random.
  2. Also chosen at random, one participant will win their choice of any 2 books in the terrific Word Sell Favorite Business Books List.

The iPod will only be awarded IF there are at least 10 participants in the group writing project, so try to get your blogger friends to send in an entry as well. Either way, someone’s going to win 2 great books.

Submission Deadline

Friday March 7th 2008 Thursday March 13th 2008


Monday March 10th 2008 Friday March 14th 2008

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