What You Would Like to See in PowerPoint Slide Design in 2009 Group Writing Project

Presentation expert Olivia would like to know what kinds of PowerPoint slides you’d like to see in the coming year.

Speaking about presenting


What would you like to see in PowerPoint slide design in 2009?

In Olivia’s words: “The idea for this project was sparked by a provocative post by Laura Bergells on her Maniactive blog. You might want to check it out to get your own ideas flowing.”


  • Write a new post answering the question above.
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Submission Deadline

January 12th 2009

1 thought on “What You Would Like to See in PowerPoint Slide Design in 2009 Group Writing Project”

  1. What I’d like to see in PowerPoint Slide Design in 2009:

    Id love to see more corporations throwing out old fashioned,text dense, bullet point riddled slides and encouraging more simple, clear, graphic designs.

    Internal competitions for the best most effective presentations as voted upon by the audience would help create a new culture.

    I don’t know about the US but here in the UK bullet points still seem to rule in far too many organisations.

    I’d also like to see more published research into what actually works best in different types of contexts.

    Finally I’d like to see power point having alternative default formats for on-line versus live presentations to help people learn how to use it appropriately in different contexts

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