What Is A Blog Group Writing Project

Over on DailyBlogTips, Daniel Scocco has just launched his latest group writing project. The participation window is only a few days long…
What is a blog? Group Writing Project


What is a blog?

In Daniel’s words: “I want to hear what you think a blog is. What characteristics define it? Is the definition changing over time?”


  • Write a new post with your answer to Daniel’s question.
  • The post must contain a link back to the announcement post.
  • There is no word count or format limit. You can answer the question in one sentence, in 1000 words, or even on a video post.
  • To submit your entry’s permalink and title, contact Daniel via the DailyBlogTips contact form.


EVERY PARTICIPANT will win a copy of Daniel’s Killer Domains e-book.

Submission Deadline

Friday August 15th 2008


Monday August 17th 2008

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