What I Learned From Odd Jobs Group Writing Project

Robert Hruzek’s latest Middle Zone Musings group writing project is literally two projects wrapped into one.

What I Learned From Odd Jobs Group Writing Project

Remember when I told you about the open-ended Lessons from Odd Jobs group writing project from HighCallingBlogs? In trying to give a boost to that project, Robert’s asking you to blog about the same topic.

Your entry will be then be added to the Middle Zone Musings’ list of final entries AND the dedicated page at HighCallingBlogs, saving you some virtual legwork and giving your blog extra links and exposure in the process.


What I Learned From Odd Jobs

In Robert’s words: “What’s the strangest, most unusual job ever had? Inquiring minds want to know! Hey, even if you held the job for a day or less (something I’ve done – twice!), it still counts, so rack those brains (sound of grinding gears) and dig it up for us.”


  1. Your post must tell of a lesson learned.
  2. The post has to be new.
  3. You should link to the original announcement at Middle Zone Musings AND the Lessons from Odd Jobs page.
  4. The post title must include “What I Learned From…” or something along the same lines.
  5. Tag your post “lessons from odd jobs” if your blog uses tags.
  6. As usual for the WILF group writing projects, if your post isn’t suitable for all ages, it may not be included in the final results.
  7. Once you’re done, email Robert Hruzek (rhruzek [at] sbcglobal [.] net) and Marcus Goodyear (marcus [at] highcallingblogs [.] com) with your name, the title of your post, and the permalink url of the post.

Submission Deadline

Sunday, April 13th, 2008


The next day: Monday, April 14th, 2008

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