What I Learned From Limits Group Writing Project

The latest Middle Zone Musings group writing project is about the limits we’ve all experienced to frustration at one time or another. What I Learned From group writing project



In Robert’s words: “You really want to get where you’re going, or accomplish that thing you’ve set your heart (or possibly even your future financial fortune) on, or whatever it is you’re aiming for – and then some danged fool has gone and shackled you with some kind of limitation or two! Augh! Drat! Grrr!”

The Usual WILF Rules

  1. Write a new post on topic or submit one from your blog archives.
  2. Link to the announcement post on Middle Zone Musings.
  3. Be nice!
  4. Warning: to be eligible for the final list of entries, your post must be suitable for all ages.
  5. Once you’re done, email Robert Hruzek (rhruzek [at] sbcglobal [dot] net) with your name, the title of your post, and the permalink of the post.

Submission Deadline

Sunday, October 11th 2009


Monday, October 12th 2009

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