What I Learned From 2009 Group Writing Project

For this month’s end-of-year WILF gwp, Robert Hruzek wants you to take a look back at your blogging in 2009.What I Learned From group writing project


A Look Back at 2009

In Robert’s words: “compose a post listing your favorite posts (or your most popular, or whatever criteria you want; it’s your choice this month!) from your own blog posted during 2009. Simple, right? Hey, that’s what I thought!”

The Usual WILF Rules

  1. The post has to be new.
  2. Link to the announcement post on Middle Zone Musings.
  3. Be nice!
  4. Warning: to be eligible for the final list of entries, your post must be suitable for all ages.
  5. Once you’re done, email Robert Hruzek (rhruzek [at] sbcglobal [dot] net) with your name, the title of your post, and the permalink of the post.

Submission Deadline

Sunday, December 20th 2009


Monday, December 21st 2009

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