Things To Do For Sailors Group Writing Project

Carol Anne of Five O’Clock Somewhere wants to know what there is to do in your area if you can’t go sailing.

Five O'Clock Somewhere


Things to do and see

In Carol Anne’s words: “Tell about activities that can be done close to your local sailing venue, besides sailing. This can be just about anything: shopping, sightseeing, dining, museums, outdoor activities, spa treatments, wacky local traditions, whatever. Concentrate on the offbeat”


  1. Blog about the theme
  2. Link back to the announcement post
  3. Submit your entry by leaving a comment on the announcement post with your permalink url or by posting the entire entry in the comments.


All contributors will earn a pint of beer at a local pub in New Mexico, USA

Submission Deadline

July 31st 2009


“Periodically” i.e. whenever Carol Anne decides to show them

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