The Best Practices in Social Media Marketing Group Writing Project

Mitch Joel of Six Pixels of Separation wants to hear your favorite social media best practices. What’s working for you?

Best Practices In Social Media Marketing Group Writing Project


Social media marketing best practices

In Mitch’s words: “What are your best practices for Social Media Marketing? This is the start of a new group writing project to create the most-up-to-date guide to Social Media Marketing Best Practices. ”


  • Blog about your social media best practices. Mitch wonders if you can do an entire article about just one best practice but he allows you to do whatever you like.
  • Link back to the announcement post.
  • Link to other participants’ posts in the group writing project.
  • If your blog uses tags, tag your post “social media marketing best practices project”.
  • Recommended: tag other bloggers whose social media marketing best practices you’d like to hear.
  • Email your entry to mitch [at] twistimage [dot] com and specify the title and permalink.


Mitch Joel will choose the 2 prize winners:

  1. A 1GB iPod Shuffle will go to the best of the best practices
  2. a second article will win an autographed copy of Always Be Testing – The Complete Guide to Google Website Optimizer

Submission Deadline

There is no official deadline, but the prize winners will be chosen at the end of November 2008 so have your entry in before then.


From time to time Mitch will post updates and links

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