The 25 Words of Work / Life Wisdom Writing Project

World class blogger and Building RSS sponsor Liz Strauss kicked off her own group writing project last week. Only 2 more days left, so get moving…

Successful and Outstanding Bloggers


25 words of advice or wisdom

In Liz’s words: “Every day I find some time to go back through years of writing to find what of it still inspires me… Will you accept my invitation to put 25 words of advice or wisdom into a blog post? Look for something you see too much or too little of.”


  • Your post can only have 25 words.
  • Recommended: add a picture.
  • To submit your entry, leave your permalink url in the comments of the announcement post or link back to it from your post (outside the 25 words is ok)

Submission Deadline

Saturday July 19th 2008

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