Social Media Mega Group Writing Project

After 2007’s Sources of Inspiration and Time Management Strategies group writing projects, Vivien at Inspiration Bit has organized one of the most ambitious group writing projects the Web has seen yet.

Social Media Mega Group Writing ProjectIt’s actually 19 separate group writing projects rolled into one.


Social Media

In Vivien’s words: “I’ve announced a new kind of group writing project in the blogiverse – a collaborative Social Media Mega Project that would unite 10 bloggers from all over the world to organize and host a GWP on their blogs dedicated to the chosen social media site(s).”

There are 19 social networking sites being covered by the 10 participating bloggers:

  1. Host: Aaron Stroud at On Financial Success
  2. Facebook. Host: Ina at Inspiring Wear
  3. Flickr & Zooomr. Host: Brian Auer at Epic Edits
  4. Twitter, LinkedIn. Host: Isabella Mori at Change Therapy and Alphablogs
  5. StumbleUpon, YouTube, MySpace. Host: Karen Zara at a1-fan-fun
  6. Sphinn. Host: Simonne at All Tips And Tricks
  7. Second Life. Host: Dandellion at Living in the Metaverse
  8. Mixx, Propeller, Squidoo. Host: Pearl at Fresh Perspectives
  9. Sk*rt, Blogging Zoom, Bvibes. Host: Janie at Colloquium
  10. Technorati. Host: Monica at Me Like The Interweb
  11. Digg and Reddit. Host: Vivien at Inspiration Bit


(These are the same for each individual group writing project in the Social Media Mega Project)

  1. Blog about how you use the social media site on topic: your experiences, preferences, tips and warnings about that site are all welcome.
  2. Contact the hosting blogger with your name, email and a permalink to your post. If you don’t have your own blog, you can submit a guest post or email your insight to the hosting blogger.
  3. Only one article per group writing project or social media site, so a blogger could submit a maximum 19 separate entries or enter an article that discusses multiple sites.
  4. Isabella Mori added: If you’d like to submit an article that was written in the past, please make sure that the information is still current, and please edit the article to show the link to the overall project as well the link to the host to which you are submitting the article.
  5. Karen Zara added: No profanity, no insults, no plagiarism. Be nice.

After the submission deadline, each hosting blogger will list all the entries they received. You should then write another post where you link to your favorite articles and all the other results.

Also, Vivien will collect all the links from all 10 bloggers and post them on Inspiration Bit in a social media mega roundup. This means that any participating blogger is going to get at least 2 links for their article.


There are 5 cash prizes of US$25 for the Top 5 hosting bloggers whose group writing projects received the most entries. Any ties will be decided by Vivien based on the entries’ quality.

However, Colloquium’s Janie has added an extra twist to encourage you to submit to her group writing project on Sk*rt, Blogging Zoom and Bvibes:

If Colloquium is named one of the top five participating blogs, I will ask readers to vote for their favorite article submitted about Sk*rt and/or Blogging Zoom. The winning author will receive the $25 award provided by Vivien — and I will match that prize twice over by making a donation in the same amount to the charity of the winner’s choice, along with a $25 donation to the American Cancer Society in honor of my sister, a colon cancer survivor. That’s a total prize package of $75.”

Submission Deadline

Friday, February 22nd, 2008 This group writing project has been extended to: Monday, March 24th


After the weekend: Monday, February 25th, 2008 Friday, March 28th

8 thoughts on “Social Media Mega Group Writing Project”

  1. Ronald- I haven’t fully decided yet, but I’m leaning towards Facebook and LinkedIn myself (over on JobMob that is)

    Isabella- The site is completely live but only you invites know about it (and some people who’ve come via Entrecard). Launch is coming very soon.

    Vivien- that’s one of Group Writing Projects’ goals, to help you creators get more participants 🙂

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