The Skribit Suggestion Box Review – Useful Addition to Any Blog?

A new widget that’s become very popular is the Skribit suggestion box.

Introducing the Skribit Suggestion Box

Whether you want to make suggestions or vote up other people’s ideas, you can see the new widget down in the sidebar here on the right:

Group Writing Projects Skribit Suggestion Box

Suggestions for using the Suggestion box

Here are some things to use the new widget for-

  • Topic ideas for the blog
  • Improvements you’d like to see here on the site
  • Questions you have about group writing projects

Does it work well?

The widget

I like the widget because it’s nicely designed, easy to use and gets the job done. There is still room for improvement, however. The widget is a bit slow to appear but the embed code from thankfully uses an iframe to avoid blocking the rest of the site from loading.

A feature I’d like to see is a vote count or heat map-like coloration to indicate how hot are the hottest i.e. most popular suggestions. Currently, we only know by how high a suggestion appears in the list.

The service’s aggregating of all received suggestions has some interesting benefits. It’s yet another way to gauge what’s currently hot in the blogosphere. Also, for the suggestions that are most recent or most popular, you can see from which blogs they got votes.

One notable tidbit. Since every Skribit widget has the default question of “Why are you using Skribit?”, that question will always stay in the Popular column on’s front page. If you click through to the suggestion details page, you can see that over 800 blogs have suggested that question which tells you how many blogs are actually using the widget.

What other bloggers are saying about the Skribit widget

Are you going to add Skribit to your blog?

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