Simply The Best: Group Writing Project

Confident Writing’s Joanna Young wants you to take a look back at what you’ve blogged this year.

Group Writing Project


Your best blog post of 2008

In Joanna’s words: “I’m hoping this will allow us to compile a list not just of some of the best articles published on the web in 2008, but an insight into how different bloggers define what is ‘the best’.”


  • Choose your best post of 2008 and blog about your choice.
  • In your post, write a sentence using the fragment “This post is simply the best because…” Keep this particular sentence 30 words or less because it will be used in the final round up of entries on Confident Writing.
  • The post must contain a link back to the announcement post.
  • To submit your entry, leave a comment on the announcement post with your entry’s title and permalink.

Submission Deadline

December 24th 2008


Sometime before January 1st 2009

4 thoughts on “Simply The Best: Group Writing Project”

  1. Thanks for publicising this Jacob, once again before I even got round to e-mailing you! I think this should be a good one – no barriers to anyone taking part!

  2. Jacob, sorry I now read this properly! I wonder if you could edit the post slightly – the post can be as short or long as bloggers want.

    It’s just the completion of the sentence ‘this post is simply the best because’… that needs to be within 30 words.

    Hope that’s okay

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