Sailing Learning Experiences Group Writing Project

Group writing project ahoy! Sailor Tillerman is announcing his first group writing project in a year and it ain’t for landlubbers like myself.

Pensive Sailor Learning Experiences


Sailing Learning Experiences

In Tillerman’s words: “Some of us use that phrase to describe a major screw-up as in, “Oh no! Not another learning experience.” But you can interpret it how you want. It might be a story about a funny or an embarrassing mistake you made, or it might be a serious post about something you learned while sailing, or something you learned from a book or a course, or even a tale in praise of a favorite instructor or coach. It can be about racing or cruising or day-sailing.If you have pictures or video we’d love to see them. The idea is for us to create a collection of our learning experiences that will be of interest to fellow sailors.”


  1. Write a post on your blog about a “learning experience” that is related to sailing.
  2. Link to the announcement post on the Proper Course blog.
  3. To submit your entry, email tillermeister [at] gmail [dot] com with your permalink url and post title.
  4. Recommended: Give your story a title that is more descriptive than “Learning Experience”.
  5. Recommended: Follow the Proper Course blog to visit the different entries and comment on them.

All participating bloggers will get 3 links:

  1. Every day or so Tillerman will post a listing of new stories.
  2. After the deadline, Tillerman will post a complete listing of all entries.
  3. There will also be a final results list here on Group Writing Projects.

Submission Deadline

Saturday, May 17th 2008


As Tillerman posts them on his Proper Course blog

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