Sailing Goals Group Writing Project

As promised, Tillerman is announcing his first monthly sailing-oriented group writing project.

Pensive Sailor Learning Experiences


Sailing Goals

In Tillerman’s words: “Maybe your goal is to have fun sailing with your kid, or to install that new gizmo on your boat, or perhaps you have some zen-like goal to enjoy sailing without goals?”


  1. Write a post on your blog about your sailing goals.
  2. Your post must be new.
  3. Link to the announcement post on the Proper Course blog.
  4. To submit your entry, email tillermeister [at] gmail [dot] com with your permalink url and post title.
  5. Recommended: Give your story a unique title.
  6. Recommended: Follow the Proper Course blog to visit the different entries and comment on them.

Submission Deadline

Friday June 13th, 2008


As Tillerman posts them on his Proper Course blog

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