RSS Awareness Day and Group Writing Project

Daniel Scocco and the Daily Blog Tips team have come up with a big event to generate interest in RSS. At their estimate, just over 5% of Internet users are actively taking advantage of something that you and I know to be “really simple”.

RSS Awareness Day logo


RSS Awareness Day

In Daniel’s words: “The objective of the RSS Awareness Day is to get as many people as possible talking about RSS and its benefits on May 1st. Bloggers and blog readers are already aware of the RSS format, but if enough of them talk about it perhaps the mainstream media will cover it as well, and the general public will get exposed to it.”

To get the word out about RSS Awareness Day, Daily Blog Tips is hosting a contest for the websites and blogs that publicize the event before May 1st either by writing about it or by displaying one of the banners created for the event. Contest entries will be based on trackbacks and Yahoo backlinks.

The Group Writing Projects’ contribution to RSS Awareness Day is to turn the event buildup into a group writing project. On May 1st, Daniel will send me the list of trackbacks so that I can post a final roundup list of entries here with the prize winners.



All prizes will go to random winners. Daily Blog Tips is still accepting sponsors for the contest via their contact form, so there may be more prizes to come.

Submission Deadline

Wednesday April 30th 2008


Thursday May 1st 2008

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