Win a Free Retreat With the Retreat Group Writing Project

Over at HigherCallingBlogs, Mark Goodyear wants you to get away from it all. Retreat from the daily battle of work life and head to a place where the loudest noise are birds singing. Sound good? One lucky participating blogger will take home a free retreat for an individual or married couple.

Retreat Group Writing Project


Retreat, as in Getting Away From It All

In Mark’s words: “If possible, think of a specific retreat you took. Where was it? What happened? What did you learn about yourself and your identity? What did you learn about the world and your priorities? What did you learn about the heavens and the person of God? (Don’t feel compelled to answer all of these questions. They’re just to get the juices flowing.)”


  • Your entry should link to the group writing project’s sponsor, Laity Lodge.
  • Recommended: use one of the official logos (like the one here on the right) in your post.
  • To submit your entry, link your post to Chris Cree’s blog SuccessCreeations. Chris will be posting the final roundup of entries for Mark.


A free retreat at Laity Lodge for a person or married couple. This prize will be drawn from the list of entries to the group writing project by the deadline.

Whether you win or not, participating in this group writing project will net you a 50% discount for a retreat at Laity Lodge. See Mark’s announcement for more details.

Submission Deadline

Friday May 9th 2008

2 thoughts on “Win a Free Retreat With the Retreat Group Writing Project”

  1. Thanks, Jacob. I sincerely hope people will come take a look at Laity Lodge–it’s just one of the many incredible things that the H. E. Butt family does for people in Texas.

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