Results from Word Sell’s Cartoon-Inspired Group Writing Project

In part thanks to Group Writing Projects, Brad Shorr was able to break his 10-entry minimum and give away his iPod nano after garnering 13 entries to his cartoon-inspired group writing project.

Word Sell Cartoon-Inspired group writing project


What did people see in the cartoon?

  1. Derrick Kwa saw a sharp point.
  2. Bob Hruzek saw a reason to look before you leap.
  3. Darlene McDaniel saw a clear lesson for managers.
  4. Joanna Young saw a need to be careful with words.
  5. Erica DeWolf saw the importance of market testing.
  6. John Crickett saw a page from his own marketing past.
  7. Ellen Weber saw a window into the mind’s response to words.
  8. Jeanne Dininni saw a complete portrait of how a writer writes.
  9. Robyn McMaster saw guffaws and compiled an awesome link list.
  10. Dexter saw an important lesson about search engine optimization.
  11. Brad Shorr’s vision of what happened to poor Mr. Gas Station Guy.
  12. Jacob Share put together a very funny list of Craigslist job titles and descriptions.
  13. Yvonne Russell saw the little things — how a small error can have large ramifications.

Prize Winners

8 GB iPod nano: Ellen Weber

Word Sell business books: John Crickett

Congratulations, Ellen and John!

1 thought on “Results from Word Sell’s Cartoon-Inspired Group Writing Project”

  1. Jacob, thanks again for helping to promote and participating. The project worked out very well!

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