Results from the Social Media Mega Group Writing Project

The The Social Media Mega group writing project has finally come to a close after a 2-month run, including a 1-month extension. The final tally is over 60 entries spanning the 13 different sub projects.

Social Media Mega group writing project



HOST: Ina from InspiringWear

Social Photography

HOST: Brian from Epic Edits Weblog

StumbleUpon, MySpace and YouTube

HOST: Karen Zara from a1-fan-fun


HOST: Isabella Mori from ChangeTherapy

Digg and Reddit

HOST: Vivien from InspirationBit


HOST: Monica Hamburg


HOST: Simonne from AllTipsAndTricks


HOST: Isabella Mori from Alphablogs

HOST: Aaron Stroud from On Financial Success

Squidoo, Mixx

HOST: Pearl from Interesting Observations

Comparative Analysis of several Social Media sites

Prize Winners

  1. StumbleUpon, MySpace and YouTube project host Karen Zara from a1-fan-fun
  2. Social Photography project host Brian
  3. Twitter and LinkedIn project host Isabella Mori
  4. Facebook project host Ina
  5. project host Aaron Stroud

Congratulations to Karen, Brian, Isabella, Ina and Aaron!

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