Results from the Saving Money Group Writing Project

Wereindebt’s Saving Money Group Writing Project has just ended with a nice 10 entries for easy absorbing.

Saving Money Group Writing Project


Saving Money


  1. Debt Free This Year writes about failure and correction.
  2. Wide Open Wallet wrote about starting to save.
  3. Foxy wrote about the emotional aspect that comes with saving money.
  4. Paid Twice wonders if you can really save more with automatic savings.
  5. Are You Going To Be This Way The Rest of The Time I Know You writes about Saving By Delusion.
  6. Paying Off My Future details some advice she gave a relative recently.
  7. His Hers Money writes about their current savings plan.
  8. E.C. reminisces over some memories of (saving) money.
  9. Debt Free By Three writes about what they are currently doing to save money.
  10. Pennies to Nickels writes about online savings accounts.

Prize Winner

Congratulations are in order for Debt Free By Three!

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