Results from the Sailing Learning Experiences Group Writing Project

Tillerman’s Sailing Learning Experiences Group Writing Project was his first group writing project in a year, surprising him with 18 entries. So much so, that in Robert Hruzek fashion he’s considering making it a monthly event.

Pensive Sailor Learning Experiences

Here’s a quote from Tillerman that I liked:

What I found most gratifying about this exercise was how many writers from whom I hadn’t heard before came forward with stories about their learning experiences. Some of you were writers of sailing blogs of which I was previously unaware. Some of you don’t have your own blogs but felt inspired to send in a story anyway. Thank you to you all.

This is a typical reaction from bloggers whose gwps have been promoted here for the first time, and that’s what *I* find gratifying.

Keep up the good work with more pleasant surprises for unsuspecting bloggers!


  1. I See Stupid People by IC
  2. Drive by TK
  3. Humiliation by ISO by Mark
  4. You’ve got a friend by Carol Anne
  5. Shifting Gears by Manfred Schreiber
  6. Point Nemo by Edward
  7. Helping Hands by Jos M Spijkerman
  8. We Can Learn by David Anderson
  9. Learning is Gud by David Anderson
  10. Father’s Day Sail by David Anderson
  11. A Racer’s Fact of Life by Wavedancer
  12. Don’t Think Twice by Andrew Sadler
  13. Mothra vs. Benicia by David Anderson
  14. Adventures in Boating by Robert Hruzek
  15. So kids, what did we learn today? by Somers Kempe
  16. The Sailor’s Prayer and Motivation by Captain JP
  17. What I Learned From Running Marathons by Tillerman
  18. Lessons Learned from the Mallory Championships at Elephant Butte by Pat

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