Results from the Sailing Learning Experiences Group Writing Project

The Sailing Goals Group Writing Project continues Tillerman’s new monthly series of group writing projects and it recently ended with 12 entries.

Pensive Sailor Learning Experiences


  1. Sailing Goals – What Goals? by JP
  2. Sailing-goal-like-thingies by Pat
  3. My Goal Post by Carol Anne
  4. Warm Beering, Cold Beering by Mondale
  5. Little Goals by Bonnie
  6. Open Meetings vs Club Racing by Soulsailor
  7. Lessons from Race 4 and Some New Training Goals by David Anderson
  8. Goals 08′ by Zen
  9. Muddled Musings on Sailing Goals by Tillerman
  10. Sailing toward a Goal? by Jos
  11. Secondary Sailing Goals by Edward
  12. Go sailing, get Em sailing, just keep sailing by Andrew Sadler

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