Results from the Retreat Group Writing Project

People definitely like the idea of heading out on their own retreat as the Retreat Group Writing Project pulled in a respectable 21 entries.

Retreat Group Writing Project


  1. Journeys by L.L. Barkat
  2. Retreat by Tina Howard
  3. Sacred Ingress by Carl Holmes
  4. The Get Away by David Rupert
  5. Retreats, why? by Gerrard Fess
  6. Retreat to Appreciate by L.L. Barkat
  7. A Listening Prayer by Gordon Atkinson
  8. Come! Charge! Retreat! by Robin Bryce
  9. The Power of Retreat by Robert Hruzek
  10. Retreat Retreat Retreat by Sally Ferguson
  11. ~Retreat, Retreat, Retreat~ by Duane Smith
  12. The Symbol on the Rock by Brandon Satrom
  13. Secure Your Own Mask First by Cheryl Smith
  14. Colossians and Creation by Heather Goodman
  15. Retreat Retreat Reretreat… at Home by Mary DeMuth
  16. Monastic Practices for Modern Christians by J. Dodson
  17. Only the Strong Retreat and Surrender by Kathy Hansen
  18. Celebrating My Recessive Retreat Gene by Tom Petersen
  19. It’s God Who Draws Us to Retreat by A. Anjeanette Brown
  20. Retreat – Get a Handle on God’s Design by Marcus Goodyear
  21. Asleep I Sang With the Body of Christ in Retreat by Samuel Adams

Prize Winner

When Marcus Goodyear announced the winner funnily via YouTube, it was…

The Power of Retreat by Robert Hruzek

Congratulations, Robert!

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