Results from the Life Balance Group Writing Project

Create a Balance’s Life Balance Group Writing Project recently ended with 31 entries that have now been compiled into an e-book. Way to go, Stacey!

Create a Balance Group Writing Project


  1. Abundance-Blog – Marelisa Online
  2. Alex Shalman
  3. Attraction Mind Map
  4. Avani-Mehta
  5. Balanced Existence
  6. Enhance Life
  7. Excerpts From My Life
  8. Explore Life
  9. Jenny Mannion
  10. Jungle of Life
  11. Let it Flow
  12. Let’s Live Forever
  13. Life’s Little Inspirations
  14. Lisa Leonard
  15. Live Without Conflict
  16. Loving Pulse
  17. Never The Same River Twice
  18. People at Work & Play
  19. Reach Beyond Limits
  20. She-Power
  21. Simple Sapien
  22. Stefanie Zizzo
  23. Stress to Power
  24. Think Maya
  25. This Eclectic Life
  26. Transformative Living
  27. True Balance Life Coaching
  28. Urban Panther
  29. Virtual Impax
  30. Your Friendly CPA
  31. Zen and the Art of the Midlife Crisis

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