Results from the Killer Titles Group Writing Project

Darren Rowse being ProBlogger and having 50k+ subscribers, the Killer Titles Group Writing Project pulled in over 300 entries in just 4 days.
ProBlogger's Killer Titles Group Writing Project

My favorite titles

  1. The 10 Scariest Hobbies on the Planet by Nathan Metzger
  2. 17 Delicious WordPress Themes That Will Make You Drool by SE7EN
  3. How To Diagnose Illness By Examining Your Tongue by Gina G.
  4. Are You Raising A Slut? by Rob Moshe
  5. How to Despise a Country in 10 Minutes or Less by EC Stewart
  6. Is Hockey the New Viagra? by Richard Neuman
  7. how to get a nude model to do whatever, whenever, for free by Jennie Rosenbaum
  8. 5 Title-Writing Lessons You Can Learn from Naked Beds by Susan Payton, The Marketing Eggspert
  9. The Most Important Payee of Your Entire Life by KCLau
  10. The top five bands that I would erase from history by Roberta

These were my favorite titles from the long list, each one doing a great job at making me want to click onward and inward. Each of them says something in a somewhat unusual way, but my choices also say something about me. It should come as no surprise that I like hobbies, WordPress, hockey, music, I have kids, run a business, etc.

What were your favorites?

Other results

  1. Search The Web Visually With Searchme by MOin immy
  2. This little piggy is not a milkbone by Unskinny Boppy
  3. Cloak and Dagger: The Many Motives for Cloaking… and their Consequences by Stephen Ward
  4. Come Back Tomorrow for The Sex Club by Helen Ginger
  5. Are you following Colin Powell’s rules? by Paul from Crane Factory
  6. Forget the Virtual Run; You Missed It! by Kate Bourdet
  7. If you were a pirate, you wouldn’t be lost at sea by Lee
  8. Web Affiliate Confesses: How I exploited Amazonian personal services by Winston Catt
  9. Begger or A List Celebrity – What Type of Blogger are You? by Tejvan Pettinger
  10. 101 Top Personal Finance Tips – Part 1 by Redd Horrocks-Maier
  11. The Italian Job: ‘Bout wrapped up, guv! by Di Jobbins
  12. Why You Aren’t Playing Your Best: The Internal & External Distractions That Are Hurting Your Golf Game by Kelly
  13. Lightroom FUD: Let’s Clear the Air by Ryan Dlugosz
  14. Two blogspot tricks that can increase your traffic overnight by ROW
  15. History of Games (That We Like to Forget): Mario Edutainment Games by Ani Long
  16. Killing Ideas by Debi Watson
  17. Are Premium Themes & Plugins Legal? by Lynette Chandler
  18. I’m writing a book about pick-up lines. What would work with you? by Mark
  19. Wildest Party Shoes Ever Created! by Lexi Sundell
  20. 7 Factors that determine a blogs success by SEO Genius
  21. Attn: Crazy People. I Have a Few Quick Questions by Jeremy Davis
  22. Is Love Intelligent? by Nancy Mehegan
  23. Hanging Up on a Wing and a Prayer by Jill Jaracz
  24. My Boobs Are Not Squeeze Toys :: 8 Tips For More Action In The Bedroom by Derek Semmler
  25. Stock Education Quiz, 10 Questions that Test the Basics by Blain Reinkensmeyer
  26. Googling without Google : The Alternative Tools by Amit Verma
  27. I’m One Woman Who Fell for the Lie! by Dominique
  28. The Audactiy of Blogging by Debbie
  29. 3 Easy Ways To Get More Mileage From Your Blog Posts by Sarah Lewis
  30. How to Climb Back on the Wagon (when you’re hanging on by a finger) by Steph Miller
  31. The Powers of Procrastination by Richard Farrar
  32. The Ghost that didn’t laugh by Jim Williams
  33. DNC ‘08: Cheering for the Home Team by LisaS
  34. Wiping Your Butt on the Stars and Stripes by Steve N. Lee
  35. Stories – the Secret Sauce of Seducing the Crowd by Jean Gogolin
  36. Photoshop CS 3 Tutorial: How to Split Tone a Photo in 30 Seconds or Less by Andrew
  37. 3 Unemployment Survival Lessons From Your Canadian English Teacher by Jacob Share
  38. Finding the Joy in Exercise by Laura
  39. The Divorce Court System – Fair??? by Ron Dilbert
  40. My Top 5 Traffic Sources After 6 Months Blogging by Kacper
  41. New, Better, More and other lies about game sequels by Anne Toole
  42. 13 Questions For Your Next Realtor by HIB
  43. Oh No – Unauthorized Sites Are Displaying My Ads! by Pat Doyle
  44. So You Want Delicious, Better Than Starbucks Coffee? Here’s 8 Tips How by Grace Brindle
  45. We want Hypervideos, not Captioning by Mark Hagethorn
  46. 4 Wedding Tips 4 the Bachelorette Taking a Work Spouse by Dee Stewart
  47. How To Find A Public Restroom Near You When Nature Calls by Darsh
  48. Women Queue At The Morgue to Get The Pick of Freshest Faces by Niamh Kiernan
  49. The 16 next-gen gadgets you’ll want to buy in 2009 by Mike Evans
  50. You mean I can be a feminist homemaker? Really? by Shawna R. B. Atteberry
  51. There’s no accounting for taste… by Suzanne
  52. What Savvy Online Marketers Are Doing That You Could Be Doing A Thousand Times Better by Joshua Seymour
  53. How to Control Mosquitoes Naturally with Bats by Chris “Nimic” Bosdal
  54. We Interrupt Your Cyber Space For This Special Report by LaTara Ham-Ying
  55. To Tip or Not to Tip the Nutty Waiter by Pearl
  56. What’s your data worth? by KP Williams
  57. Why Listening to Other People is a Big Mistake by Laura
  58. Military Financial Horror Stories – or How Not to Buy a Car by Patrick
  59. Warning! Don’t Read This Unless You Want To Get Rid of Weakness! by CK Reyes
  60. Extreme Makeovers for Awesome Fall Vegetable Gardens by Kenny Point
  61. Naked Estates Expose Your Family Jewels by Andrew Flusche
  62. Bible proves Obama’s lack of experience, a weak argument by Sparkly Diva
  63. 5 Productivity Killers & How To Fend Them Off by Brandie Kajino
  64. How To Be A Prostitute Farmer? by Rob Moshe
  65. Equatorial Eye-Candy by liz zed
  66. Shut Up and Kiss Me by Dawn @ My Home Sweet Home
  67. Chicago TV Newsers + Bikini Photos = Career Apocalypse by PR
  68. 25 Work From Home Jobs by Rebecca Jones
  69. Traffic strategies: PART 1 by SATISH
  70. 9 Success Secrets from a Part-time Blogger Earning a Full-time Income by Lindsay
  71. Pornography: The Sweat Shop Secret by Mary P Jones
  72. 11 reasons why girlfriend is better than computer by glowicki problogger
  73. 30 highest paid keywords in adsense for 2008 by iglowicki
  74. Who is Gordon Ramsay’s number one fan? by Jessica Jorquera
  75. How am I supposed to know I can tilt the iPhone?! by Ashley Towers
  76. 9 Unigue Souvenir Ideas For Your Next Vacation by Robin Sue
  77. Soy! Oh Boy! by Liz Scherer
  78. Using DNA to Examine James Madison’s Family Tree by Blaine
  79. How to Get Half a Million People to Visit Your Blog by Simon
  80. Top 10 fastest Car by Zool
  81. Codename your releases by Simone
  82. Rubbers For $29? I Don’t Think So by alicia
  83. Can your car really run on water? by Calvin
  84. How to Become a True Friend by Donald Latumahina
  85. Vitamin Beer? I call Shenanigans! by DJ Spiess
  86. Part-Time BLogger: Full-Time Revenue, Part 2 by Barry W. Morris
  87. Out With Dolls, In With Bears… Karl Lagerfeld Gets Stuffed by Norell Alesse
  88. The Most Simple and Effective Way to Stop Smoking by Jay Cruz
  89. It Looks Like It’s Got Everything But the Frog by Jason the TVaholic
  90. fbsh by Jen Meade
  91. Is there ANYONE else on the planet who hears God speaking through “SHOW TUNES”?! by Robin ~ PENSIEVE
  92. 2 most important rules to craft your blog success by Todor Christov
  93. Don’t Listen to Them, You can Blog that Niche by Axioblogger
  94. I Am The Leading Cause Of Menopause by Matt Gio
  95. Meal planning to lose weight: breakfast issue by Sergey Kalietenko, MD
  96. 9 Easy Usability Improvements for Blogs by David Leggett
  97. 11 Slimy Internet Marketing Characters by David Walker
  98. 4 Reasons Why Index Investing May Not Be for You by MillionDollarJourney
  99. You Don’t Need More Sleep. You Need Better Sleep! by Dan
  100. How to lose a Chinese gymnast in four months by Doug Heacock
  101. Geothermal Energy Heating Up As Google Fuels Investment by Damon Clifford
  102. How Stories Add Value to a Pick Up Artist by Matt Savage
  103. Where is your real power? by SpaceAgeSage
  104. No, No, No! I said, “I Didn’t Want to be a Chooch.” by Sean M. Platt
  105. Anorexic Mouse Bagged with Hair-Trigger Marketing Techniques! by Fred Black
  106. Confessions of a Social Networking Newbie by Phoebe King
  107. A Foolish Consistency Is The Hobgoblin Of Little Bloggers? by Jonathan Fields
  108. Have You Seen My 11.3398093 Kilograms? by Lisa Marie Mary
  109. Five Reasons Your Website Fails: Advice From A Web Design Company by Kosal from the Ocean Groups
  110. Has Ubuntu lost it’s relevance – Why does it suck so much ! by Sharninder
  111. getting bagged in harlem by jackie sheeler
  112. Blog Commenting Your Way To Stardom by Danny Cooper
  113. PL8 A TUDES: Vanity License Plates – 1 by Jeff Ross
  114. Florida, Orange You Glad We’re Here!! by Amber Bayraktar
  115. No Text Please, We’re Gamers! by Mark Stevens
  116. What’s your monthly sports budget? by Siva Rajendran
  117. 7 Ways to Get What You Want From Life by Steve Olson
  118. Composting Toilets & Borrowed Plates: 14 Lessons from the Ultimate Green Wedding by Kimberly
  119. Can You Cut A Mean Rug? by Deborah- Debo Hobo
  120. Exorcizing the Ghost of a Bad Au Pair by CV Harquail
  121. The C Factor: Making or Breaking Your Efforts to Get What You Want Online by Kelly McCausey
  122. A Year From Now IS Coming Soon by David Stoddard
  123. Simple Ways to Drop Sugar from your Diet by Chris B
  124. Top 5 Dirty Little Credit Card Tricks by Sandy Naidu
  125. The Frugal “In The Moment”-er by Andrea Heiland
  126. Our Top 10 Favorite Places to Eat in the South Bay by Nate Lau
  127. How to Jailbreak iPhone using Quickpwn GUI by Shriya
  128. Bad mojo at Vudu: 20% of staff axed by Glenn Abel
  129. 7 PPC Tips You Can Learn from a Monkey … by Dave – PPC Fool
  130. Wet Gets Wet by Will
  131. Not Necessarily Dancing… by Will
  132. Autopilot Traffic: How To Generate Consistent Traffic For Your Blogs by Ankesh Kothari
  133. Google was a mistake by Ivan Pidov
  134. I made it to the real world! Wait – what is this place?? by Keely
  135. Canning Salsa with Garden Tomatoes, or… Two More Points for Hubby by Sarah (Real Life)
  136. What Harry Potter Taught Me About Writing An Article Series… by Steve Shaw
  137. All The Rage: Salty Sweet Chocolate Chip Cookies by Chocolate Chipped
  138. How to add email subscription box in your blog? by Syed Balkhi
  139. Submission is a Dirty Word by GailPruszkowski
  140. SEX-Infectious Viral Marketing Hypnotic Taboo by Davin Ogden
  141. Starting a Successful Small Business by Teresa
  142. “ Sucks” by Lorna Doone Brewer
  143. POOR man’s BIG screen! The $100 DIY projector! by Aaron
  144. Six Degrees of Geekiness by Melinda Seckington
  145. Overcoming Loneliness: How To Never Be Lonely Again by Phil Van Treuren
  146. The Solution to Your Network Marketing Stall is Success in 10 Steps by Gary McElwain
  147. The Zen of Productive Writing by Joanie Raisovich
  148. Your Next Mediterranean Vacation is Closer Than You Think by Clara Mathews
  149. You And The Secrets To Taking Better Photographs by Dave D.
  150. CakePHP Auth Component – Will You Remember Me Tomorrow? by Baz L
  151. Caution: Alcohol & Infomercials Do Not Mix by G&D
  152. Discover How Archaeologists Translated Secret Martian Writings! by Rusty
  153. How To Create Characters and Make People Love Them by Sarah Cada
  154. A Slacker Wife Celebrates Do Nothing Day by Sandra Foyt
  155. Paralympics–Not Worthy of U.S. Media Attention? by Jen Travers
  156. Teach Your Kids To Break Stuff by CreativeDad
  157. TIGGER Woods? by Drizzly
  158. Totally Geeky: I Am All Agog When I Visit Microsoft by Mary Pat Whaley
  159. Is your pet worth a call to the pet sitter? by Therese Kopiwoda
  160. 14 Ways to Do It With Others by Jason Keath, @jakrose
  161. How to improve your Alexa rank by Nishadha Silva
  162. The 3 Most Murderous and 2 Most Marvelous Words A Blogger Can Say by Easton Ellsworth
  163. Will your Niche Make You Rich? by Suzie Cheel
  164. Just say ?hanks! by Ognian Mladenov
  165. Exuberant Koreans in Pearl of the Orient by warm
  166. Re-Invest Your Online Earnings. by Costa
  167. 8 Reasons Why Every Computing Student Will Love Linux by Hazel McKendrick
  168. Top Eco-Minded Restaurants by TheRestaurantBlogger
  169. Discover Tokyo in a blink of an eye by David
  170. ???-??????????? ????????? ? ?????! by ???????? ??????
  171. The Month That Changed The World Forever by Angie Bowen
  172. Reds, Arabs and Trolley Dodgers by Steve Keene
  173. Croc and Korean Cowboys by kesumo
  174. Is That Your Carrot Or Are You Just Happy To See Me? by Eric Hamm
  175. Did you put your pants on this morning? by Deidre Hughey
  176. Eight easy ways to demotivate your sales staff by Julie Poland
  177. Rumour: Google food might soon cease to be $0.00 by Dave Shaw
  178. 5 Simple Steps to Fantastic Fruit Pies by ZestyCook ( Cory)
  179. Lick your plate after a Parmesan Risotto by Rossella
  180. Too Many Carbs Spoil The Brain by Fat Lazy Guy
  181. 7 Ingredients Of Magnetic Blog by Sunil Pathak
  182. Andre the Giant has a Posse – Do you? by Bill Kanapaux
  183. Stalked by a sneaky elephant by Vernon
  184. Release your inner hottie… as you workout your body by Sahar, AKA FatFighter
  185. 46 Simple Ways to Save Cash Now with Green Travel by Elizabeth
  186. September 11th Reflections Through Memory And Music by Kelly Baxter
  187. Why Twitter has as much depth as my fish tank by Patrick Kent
  188. Create Custom HTML Signatures in Gmail – Black Canvas by K
  189. Panda Couture in China by Laura
  190. How to open jars and find love by Liz Hughes
  191. Daily Blog 26: Top 10 Reasons People Don’t Like To Read by Chris Verstraete
  192. Answering Questions Right the First Time: Creating a Resource List by Jodith
  193. ‘Air’ventures and the first impression by Ramanujam
  194. Earn residual Income with Young living essential Oils by Roy Hewitt
  195. Do NOT Click Here by Richard Ball
  196. 9 Super-Sexy Betas to Crave Right Now by Shaun McLane
  197. Forget the Color of Your Hat: Are You an SEO Tortoise or an SEO Hare? by Jacqueline from SEOGroup
  198. Masturbation means never having to say your sorry by Millar Prescott
  199. Is it Ethical to Sneak Food/Drink into a Movie Theater? by FMF
  200. Is Your Printer Lying to You? by Wendy Limauge
  201. Move over Boom Dizzle, the ‘Spanish Fly’ is in tha house! by Dr. Browntorious
  202. Why You Can’t Do What You Love by Ari Koinuma
  203. Nokia N79 and N85: Worthy successors or Pointless updates? by Jaganath Achari
  204. The 10 Best Olympic Gold Blog Titles for Free by Christoph Merrill
  205. Blogging for Money and Fame? Learn to Set We Goals to Break Through Clutter by Kami Huyse
  206. But Mom, You Guys Look at Porn Sites Too by Michael
  207. 5 reasons you should use plain text to save your data by Rarst
  208. Should I Pop a Pill or Say a Prayer? by John Hollandsworth
  209. Recovering From The Slacks Incident by James
  210. The 114 Most Fuel Efficient Cars From 2005 by Mike
  211. </era> by becca
  212. When Lack Of Motivation Gets The Best Of You by Bryn Youngblut
  213. 120 Proven Ways to Boost Your Brain Power by Luciano Passuello
  214. I’m Two Socksy for This Blog by Glynis Smy
  215. Discover Stunning Santiago! by Soultravelers3
  216. Where There is Hope, There is Philosophy. by Teri
  217. Rice to the Occasion by Erlend
  218. Honolulu Now On The Dollar Menu! by Sheila
  219. ‘Til the Cows Come Home… by Dani
  220. Spiders! Snakes! Blood! 13! – Specific Phobias: Where They Come From and What You Can Do About Them by Mike Nichols
  221. Finally, My Laundry Smells! by Laurin Evans
  222. Setting Goals for Improved Bicycle Riding by Bryan Dewberry
  223. Trade Stocks and You’ll Go Broke! by Jake
  224. Candy Craft: Puppet Biscuits by Candy
  225. Weather I like it or not by Andrew Zubiri
  226. A Final Word on Todd Bentley: Miracles, Healings and Thin Places by Raffi Shahinian
  227. My conrod joint is made out of a 20 cent piece of vinyl boat cushion cording. What is your joint made of? by Kathryn
  228. Obliterate these 8 myths of Fighting Fair–and Win! by Grace
  229. How To Travel By Bus In Mexico, And My New Super Power by Stephen
  230. The Price of my Dreams – $60 a Week by Sid Savara
  231. Exercise: From Torture to Treasured! by Sara Borgstede
  232. Is Love Possible? On Dickinson’s “I could suffice for Him, I knew…” (643) by Ashok
  233. PSI Basic, Basically Bull *Sigh* Seminar by JustinLL
  234. How to Choose the Top Bloggers you must Socialize with by Guardian Angel
  235. 5 Small (But Big) Ways to Beat Depression Every Time by The Daily Minder
  236. The Science People Would Want If They Knew More About Building a Business Using The New Rules of Social Networking by Gary McElwain
  237. Internet Marketing: 6 Steps for Using Scarcity Tactics with Integrity by Edward Mills
  238. Top 10 Webcomics for Total Geeks by mrmuggles
  239. I picked a fight with Lance Armstrong by Michael Ala
  240. Hormone Testing – I Spit On Your Blood Test by George Best
  241. Stop Being Broke Right Now: Kick Off Financial Success with 10 Minutes and $10 by Dave
  242. “Knowledge is Useless” by Dee Langdon
  243. The Best Cash Back Reward Credit Card by nickel
  244. How to Make Money With 0% Balance Transfers by Credit Addict
  245. Blog Owner In Total Trance Sleep Walks 2 City Blocks In Pajamas And 1 Ragged Slipper To Neighberhood Supermarket For The Sole Purpose Of. . . . by Robert A. Kearse
  246. The Right Way to Make the Best Scrambled Eggs! by danny jay
  247. Brett Favre and Packers fumble PR snap by Christy Hammond
  248. Obama V McCain: How Will They Affect Our Personal Finances? by Prince of Thrift
  249. If I Unsubscribe from Your List Will You Ever Talk to Me Again? by Des Walsh
  250. Astonishing New Video Editing Software Creates Hollywood Effects by Glenn
  251. If your life was a book, would you read it? by Rich []
  252. How To Establish a Regular Posting Pattern Using ‘Filler Posts’ by Muhammad Siyab
  253. iFlix is Netflix Heaven on the iPhone by Coty Gonzales
  254. 3 Reasons Why I Refuse to Use Lightroom by Brian Auer
  255. An Extended Look at iTunes Extenders by Milind
  256. Geek-Speak and Legaleze – Fess Up! by Internet Strategist
  257. Banish Blogger Butt in 7 Beneficial Ways by Stephanie Quilao
  258. The World’s Most Beautiful Bloggers by Gobala Krishnan
  259. Ten reasons why I wouldn’t be without my scissors by Sue
  260. See the language, be the language (Polish, Japanese) by Mizuu
  261. Top 10 Scrapbooking Articles of All Time by Karen
  262. The Homeric Way of Blogging: Storytelling by Tibi Puiu
  263. DUH v. DOH – All You Need to Know by Brad Shorr
  264. If You Want to Stay in Debt Forever, Don’t Bother Reading This Article by RC
  265. Salvador Dali Says Your 3D Product Design is INSANE by Josh Mings
  266. There’s More To Your Roots Than Your Crazy Aunt Better by Dad of Divas
  267. PF Bloggers Are An Incestuous Bunch by Lulu A.
  268. Can I Get You A Slurpie With This Post? by Faiqa
  269. Who Funds ICT Start-Up’s? by bankelele
  270. Best Blog Footers are Standalone Creations by Webber
  271. Twitter and Plurk get Pinged by Jen
  272. Jesse Owens Beat the Nazis at their Own Game by Hadassah Levy
  273. 9 Of The Best Ways To Present A Website To A Client by Jacob Cass
  274. This is a Creative Writing Title? by Michelle
  275. Première échographie (First ecography) by Ricky
  276. Do You Want To Discover 6 Steps to Creating Profits OnLine Fast? by Leo Hanes
  277. Top 10 Ways To Save Money Building Your New House by Todd
  278. Memo: Please Erase All Memories of Lost Memory by JR Raphael
  279. Join The Blog Boost Giveaway! by Miguel Alvarez
  280. IRS Loses Lawsuit: Refunds for 30 Million Policyholders Possible by Madison DuPaix
  281. Would You Pay $1,000,000 for a Strand of Pearls? by Pearl
  282. No Debt in America Know Peace in America by Fabian Ramirez
  283. 5 reasons to be Canadian and definitely forget that you were ever Latino (In Spanish) by Guillermo
  284. Journey to the Pit of Hell by Dave Lafferty
  285. TALE FROM THE FRONT LINES – Internet Dating by Corinne Edwards
  286. PetCams killed the video star: Five ways to use videos to optimize your pet’s health by Dr. Patty Khuly
  287. Sick of Getting Yellow Pages Books? by Joseph Kowal
  288. Have You Lost Your Sparkle? by Peggie Arvidson
  289. Visiting Denver? Read These 10 Tips Before You Go! by Annie Binns
  290. Solve The Writing Blockage Mystery Like A Master Detective by Mark Dykeman
  291. Are you a loser on internet? Find Out! by Navi
  292. Avoid Gossip and Live Happy by Brian Stephens
  293. Why Is Designing For Yourself So Damn Hard? by Niki Corcilius
  294. The Very BEST Day I’ve Had With Linkedin In A Long, Long Time!!! – Linking Eyes To Find Missing Children” by Vincent Wright
  295. Don’t Make Me Smack You Right Here on this Escalator by Kimberly
  296. 17 Ways To Increase Advertising Income On Your Website by Rob Malon
  297. 12 Things to do in Denver Besides the Democratic National Convention by Mary Jo
  298. “Mind-Blowingly Inappropriate” – Gossip Girl’s Controversial Ad Campaign by Tracy
  299. One Way to Boost Your Confidence and Improve Your Score by TP Golf Online
  300. 10 Ways To Grow Your Senior Photography Business by Lori Osterberg
  301. Olympic Wrap-up: Bolt Signs NFL Contract With Chargers, Kobe To Run For President of China. Hu will win? by Ron Meyer
  302. 2 Reasons Why Women Should Vote for Obama by Trisha
  303. We’d like to announce he is dead by Chris Illuminati
  304. Facebook Reports Open Sores by Kat
  305. What Films Provoke Profound Questions? by Kristi
  306. Don’t Invest In What You Know by Jim
  307. Would you go to a robot for migraine relief? by James
  308. Death of the Home Garden…and why YOU murdered it by Stuart
  309. Steppin’ Down Beale Street with a Homeless Ex-Convict Bent on God and Grits by Adam Williams
  310. TV Psychic Sue Nicholson Threatened by Talia
  311. Passion for Hire by Laurie Mapp
  312. A Religious Experience Flying Coach by Diane Sinnott
  313. Why sex isn’t enough by Loring Parks
  314. Daniel Radcliffe Naked: Who Cares? by Travis Prinzi
  315. Can You Digg This? – Top On Google Search Engine In 24-48 Hours Or Less!!! by Abbas Shareef
  316. Five reliable wineries that can help you learn about wine by Bill Wilson
  317. 7 Career Advancing Tips To build An Impeccable Relationship With Your Boss by Shamelle Perera
  318. Must Read Internet Marketing Ebooks by Shane Eubanks
  319. Stop Going To Church by Geoff
  320. 18 sites that pay you for writing by Suzanne Roman
  321. What will we do without Teddy? by Barbara Hat
  322. The Most Important Payee of Your Entire Life by KCLau
  323. Two girls, one cup and 42 SXSW panels by Jamie Oastler
  324. Should I Still Exercise Even When I Have Cold or Flu? by MunFitnessBlog
  325. In My Dojo, Cheaters Are Welcome by Martial Development
  326. Sacrificing Goats and Eating Brains. by Mjuboy
  327. “F*ck Martha Stewart” 11 Lessons from the Movie “Fight Club” by Joe Lucas
  328. The 10,000 Word Post Contest by Ben Moreno
  329. Finding faith in a pagan world by Ava Semerau
  330. HONEY i MESSED THE CASTELLA…but it was still so good by Deeba
  331. Walking your way to Health and Fitness by Chris B
  332. On Xmas you can realize how grown-up you are. by Roland Kopp-Wichmann

6 thoughts on “Results from the Killer Titles Group Writing Project”

  1. Hi! Thanks for linking to my post about diagnosing illness through tongue examination. I gotta say, even though I did not win the contest, it was pretty cool to make it to somebodies top 10 list!

  2. oh thats nice many beautiful titles from which one won, i am happy atleast i got a backlink means i got a nice prize of even entering the project 😀

  3. gina- well deserved!

    MOin- if you stick around and participate in other group writing projects, you’ll be getting a lot more backlinks and meet many great bloggers.

  4. Hello Jacob,
    Thank you for picking my title in your top 10 list from 300+ posts. I’m so proud hehe as English is not even my native.
    also I feel guilty to not finish my post yet.
    After I finish it I’ll heavily promote the post on various social bookmark sites. 😀

    btw, just looking at those 300+ list makes my eyes like (@_@) It takes a lot of time to me to read all the posts. I’ve not finished them yet.

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