Results from the Home Based Business Group Writing Project

Home Based Business Group Writing ProjectThe Home Based Business group writing project recently ended with 15 entries. Congratulations, Don!

(Being one of the first project announcements here, this group writing project gets a free pass to have its results published. Soon, only creators that first submit their group writing project will merit the display of their results here at Group Writing Projects)


  1. Ask for the Money by Corrine Edwards
  2. How To Create A WordPress Theme by Colin King
  3. Developing Your Writing Style by Linda Kay
  4. Home Based Business Advice by Garry Conn
  5. The Pros and Cons of Home Based Business by John
  6. Is Working From Home Wrecking Your Health by Andrea
  7. Search Marketing and The Persuasion Principles by Donna
  8. Whats Missing in Your SEO Campaign by Donna
  9. 10 Free Resources to Start or Grow a Home Based Business by Wendy Piersall
  10. Networking-Necessary Investment for Small Business by Pearl
  11. Name your Business for Effective Marketing by Akemi
  12. SEO Competitive Research Series by Annie
  13. Staying Sane and Healthy at Home by Evan
  14. Focus On What You Have to Get More of What You Want by Todd
  15. Seven Benefits of Blogging to Your Personal Growth by Robert

3 thoughts on “Results from the Home Based Business Group Writing Project”

  1. Thanks so much for choosing my article It is an honor to be included in such rarified atmosphere!

    All the articles are spectacular!

    Suggest all your participants stumble it. I just did!

  2. Thank you for that, Corinne. Your article has great insight. Made me laugh even, it’s so true. You reminded me of the ‘make bureaucracy work’ tip- always bring a baby with you and give them a pinch as soon as you arrive.

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