Results from the Finding Balance Group Writing Project

This Eclectic Life’s recent Finding Balance Group Writing Project didn’t pull in many entries. This was surprising since the juggling act of life is something we all need to manage. The food for thought was nice but unfortunately, Shelly didn’t get the advice she was hoping for.

Stones - Finding Balance Group Writing Project

For me, it’s all about having your priorities straight and doing a regular checkup with yourself to see if:

  1. You are acting in accordance with your priorities, or if
  2. Your priorities should change and you need to update your mindset in kind

That doesn’t mean achieving balance is easy to do.

The introspection necessary to list your priorities requires serious reflection, especially when faced with big choices like Shelly.

Changing for new priorities is also tough because we’re creatures of habit. Just one is hard enough to get rid of.

If you do a “balance checkup” regularly – say, once a month – and always try to follow through, it will get easier with time.


Thanks to Amy Palko as well for promoting the Finding Balance group writing project.

2 thoughts on “Results from the Finding Balance Group Writing Project”

  1. Jacob, this balance thing isn’t easy! Sounds like you have your head on straight, though. And, a once a month balance check is a great idea. My main problem is that I waited to long to examine it all…and by then I had a mess on my hands. Excellent advice!

  2. I know it’s not easy. It’s usually tough to take a good look at ourselves, it’s not a skill taught in schools. And trying to change someone for the better can be one of the hardest things in the world, just ask all those people who married in hopes of that. But you can’t plan on it happening by accident either 🙂

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