Results from the Cell Phone Users and Abusers Group Writing Project

The Cell Phone Users and Abusers Group Writing Project has just announced its prize winners among the 26 entries.
Fight Cell Phone Abuse


  1. Robyn McMaster, Driving Under the Influence of Cells
  2. Joanna Young, Mobile Phone NoiseL I’m On the Train!!!
  3. Robyn McMaster, Kickstart Cellphone Smarts!*
  4. Jackie Cameron, Why I both love and hate mobile phones
  5. Aylad MacOdys, Hang. Up. Now.
  6. Kate Baggott, Your Mobile: More Expensive than You Know
  7. Brad Shorr, Cell Hell In the Pews*
  8. Em Dy, Cell Phones and Timing
  9. Ulla Hennig, The cell phone that wasn’t turned off
  10. Sarah, The Dark Side of Cell Phone
  11. Deb, Cell Phone Pet Peeve
  12. Karen Hanrahan, I Probably Won’t Die of Cancer Either
  13. Robert Hruzek, Why I Hate Cell Phones
  14. Gary Viray, Cell Phone Users & Abusers
  15. Ajay, My Top Three Cellphone Peeves
  16. Lillie Ammann, Cell Phone Users & Abusers
  17. Brad Shorr, Waiting for Goodbye*
  18. Luke Gedeon, Cell Phone Users and Abusers: Texting While Driving
  19. Yvonne Russell, 5 Ways To Cheese Off Your Fellow Planet Dwellers With A Cell Phone
  20. Angell, Cell Phone Etiquette 101
  21. Debbie Yost, We Are Texting Away Our Compassion
  22. Jeanne Dininni, The Cell Phone: Both a Blessing and a Curse
  23. Rarst, Rise and fall of mobile hyperconnectivity
  24. Jacob Share, The Most Powerful Job Search Tool You Didn’t Know You Had
  25. Erica DeWolf, Today’s Cell Phone and Mobile Etiquette
  26. Damama T, Twittering my life away – Confessions of a texting junkie.

Prize Winners

Congratulations to Erica, Karen, Jeanne, Robert, Gary, Damama, Debbie and Deb!

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  1. Jacob, as always, thank you for supporting – and participating in – Word Sell contests. Your efforts help enormously and all bloggers should take advantage of your site.

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