Results from the Building RSS Group Writing Project

The Building RSS group writing project is over. 13 bloggers, 19 articles and 70 tips later, it’s time to announce the first group of winners.

Building RSS Group Writing Project

Before we get to the winners, let me thank everyone for participating. I had a lot of fun and it’s been exciting to see the tips come in as the Building RSS page took shape, all the while knowing that it will be a truly useful reference for many bloggers.

The idea for this group writing project only came to me July 1st and I really wanted for us to help the Blogging Idol’ers as soon as possible, so I had to move quick. Normally I would have given you more lead-in time to plan and blog a post. To compensate for the quick announcement, I spent a lot of time promoting this contest and I’ll soon blog about what I did. That post should save you a lot of time and improve your showing in your next group writing project.

The Building RSS e-book is coming

One benefit of the extra-promotional push was that I bookmarked many additional posts of RSS-building tips in addition to those in the final results list. I’m proud of what you’ve contributed in making a great resource. Together with other tips that I found, the e-book should be a knockout.

Look for the e-book here on Group Writing Projects towards the end of August, complete with all promised links to your blog and maybe even a surprise.

Thank you to all our sponsors

The promo run was also important in finding a generous group of sponsors to help make this group writing project a success, one which has just begun. Thanks to all of them:

  1. Liz Strauss, among other things, author of the acclaimed The Secret to Writing a Successful and Outstanding Blog
  2. David Airey, designer extraordinaire and creator of Logo Design Love
  3. Daniel Scocco, blog maestro and recent author of Killer Domains
  4. Mirko Humbert of the newsful Designer Daily
  5. Simon Emery of OIOPublisher fame

And now on to the main group writing project results…

19 articles by 13 bloggers

The participants list is ordered by submission date and color-coded to make the bloggers’ tips easy to recognize on the Building RSS page:

  1. Steven Snell, To Gain Subscribers, Focus on What You Do Best, Traffikd
  2. Steven Snell, Gain Subscribers by Growing Your Network, Pure Blogging
  3. Joel, Double Your FeedBurner RSS Numbers Overnight, So You Want To Teach?
  4. David Shaw, Analyzing Your Blogging Goals, ProTycoon
  5. David Shaw, 25 Ways to Increase Your RSS Subscriber Count, ProTycoon
  6. Paul Piotrowski, Why My RSS Feedburner Counter Jumped Since Yesterday, How to Make Money Doing What You Love
  7. Becky S., Take a break from posting & your RSS subscribers may increase,
  8. David Bradley, Get Writing, Get Readers, Significant Figures
  9. Nepspeed82, 10 Simple Steps to Increase Your RSS Subscribers, ulupongdotcom
  10. David Shaw, RSSHugger: Promote Your Feed, ProTycoon
  11. David Shaw, Increase Your RSS Subscribers, ProTycoon
  12. David Shaw, Top 8 Ways To Increase Your RSS Subscriptions, ProTycoon
  13. David Shaw, The Building RSS Group Writing Project, ProTycoon
  14. Karen, Where does the RSS Button Go?, Scraps of Mind
  15. Brad Shorr, Attract RSS Subscribers with Quality Blog Content, Word Sell, Inc.
  16. Tibi Puiu, The 9 step ultimate guide on how to increase your subscribers, Lost Art of Blogging
  17. Suzie Cheel, Fire Up Your RSS, Abundance Highway
  18. Debi Zylbermann, 100’s of Tips to Increase RSS subscribers, Debi’Z QA Blog
  19. Vivien, RSS: Why, What and How, InspirationBit

Prize Winners

After compiling all the submitted tips and tabulating all the scores, the Building RSS Grand Prize winner is:

David Shaw, ProTycoon

The random participant’s prize goes to:

Paul Piotrowski, How to Make Money Doing What You Love

The promotional contest prize goes to:

David Shaw, ProTycoon

The random sponsor’s prize goes to:

Mirko Humbert of Designer Daily

I’ll contact each winner soon with instructions on how to claim prizes.

Voting for the most original tip begins

Voting ends Sunday July 20th at midnight PST. Voting for yourself is permitted and anyone can vote, so invite your friends and ask them to subscribe to Group Writing Projects at the same time. Only the last tip you voted for will be counted. Tips will be broken by

As a reminder, the prize for most original tip is:

  • An unlimited license to premium WordPress plugin OIOPublisher, sponsored by Simon Emery.
  • 3-months placement of a sitewide text link ad on Designer Daily, courtesy of Mirko Humbert.

Please go now to the Building RSS page (it will open in a new window or tab), choose your choice for most original comment and then vote here in the comments below.

Thank you all again, and congratulations to all the winners.

18 thoughts on “Results from the Building RSS Group Writing Project”

  1. Steven Snell gets my vote as well. Most of the tips were great, but he had a unique slant.

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  3. Jacob, congratulations with the great outcome of this project, and thanks for putting it together. Congratulations to all winners.

    My vote goes to Brad Shorr, I absolutely agree with him – bloggers should be concerned and paying more attention to writing a quality content and stop being so obsessed with growing their RSS numbers. Quality content, passionate writing and a geniune interest in building a community of loyal readers around your blog will naturally grow your RSS subscribers.

  4. Hi Jacob,

    great contest, Going to write about it on my blog and ask my readers to vote for me, nothing like self promotion, but can’t find me on the page, thanks for the stumble


  5. Brad, David- thanks for your votes.

    Mirko- thanks for sponsoring, I enjoyed my role as well. Congrats! Don’t forget to vote…

    Vivien- thank you too. Content is King.

    Suzie- first off, thanks.
    Second- you’re on this page thanks to your entry. However, your tips were ones that had already been mentioned by other entries before yours, so you didn’t make it to the Building RSS page. Don’t worry though, you’ll be in the e-book. You can still vote for yourself as well.

  6. David- don’t worry, as long as you stay subscribed, you’ll know when the e-book is out 🙂

    Yes, I will start contacting everyone for the prizes in one shot once the voting is over. Congrats again.

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