Results from the Best Posts of Your Lives Group Writing Project

Courtney Tuttle recently had a group writing project that slipped under the Group Writing Projects radar.

Best Posts of Your Lives group writing project

Courtney’s project tried to get people to create their best blog posts ever, a cool idea. The project grew to 25 entries but I’m sure there would have been many more if you had known about it. Somewhat disappointing is that I had already emailed Courtney about Group Writing Projects back in February 2008, which means there’s little excuse for this missed opportunity for you and him.

I’ve told Courtney to give me a shout for his next project, and please do the same thing via his contact form.

Let me use this as a reminder. If you know of a group writing project that hasn’t been mentioned at Group Writing Projects, tell me and tell the creator. If the creator submits the announcement here, they’ll also get a chance to submit the results and everyone involved will get lovely link love.


  1. For the Love of Books from
  2. Big Ego, Small Mind from
  3. Consumer Credit from
  4. Recession’s Silver Lining from
  5. 6 Tips To Master Google Reader from
  6. Starting A Blog That Isn’t A Time Sucking Money Pit
  7. My Road to Recovery and Change from
  8. A Letter To My Parents from
  9. Why I Want To Be Self-Employed from
  10. 50 Ways To Boost Your Brain Power from
  11. Are Bloggers Lazy Or Just Lacking SEO Vision? from
  12. Blogging Experience And Beyond from
  13. Decoder Ring Download for WordPress from
  14. It Really Is About The Content from
  15. What Does Giving to Receive Really Mean? from
  16. 10 Things More Important Than Making Money Online from
  17. The Easy Way to Create a Privacy Policy for Your Blog from
  18. Are you sure your children are being responsible on the Internet? from
  19. Buy the Short Sale or Wait for the Foreclosure? from
  20. George Bush Thinks Poverty, Death and Abuse are Blessings of Freedom from
  21. Use Extreme Measures to Eliminate Your Debt or Increase Savings from
  22. Drama Desk Luncheon Reveals Info On Antonio Banderas & Osage Cast from
  23. A Single Secret That Will Change Your Blog, Business and Life Forever by
  24. Decisions, Decisions… Marketing Is All About Helping Customers Make Better Decisions from Virtual Impax
  25. The secret for looking up to the minute fashionable without buying a new wardrobe every season from

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