Results from the Beer People Group Writing Project

The Session #14: The Beer People Group Writing Project has wrapped up with 37 stories about people who like beer, like to blog about beer or just drink it.

It could have been completely autobiographical…

The Session


  1. Boak and Bailey
  2. The Beer Nut
  3. Black Cat Brewery
  4. Sacramento Brewing Company
  5. Flying Dog Brewery News
  6. Electric Landlord
  7. Barley Blog
  8. Musing Over a Pint
  9. Sports Beer Wine Life
  10. Sophisticated Brews
  11. Brewing the Perfect Beer
  12. Lyke to Drink
  13. Pacific Brew News
  14. Bottled Llama Brewing
  15. Pfiff!
  16. Relentless Thirst
  17. Hop Talk
  18. Bottles of Barley
  19. Beer Haiku
  20. Great Canadian Pubs and Beer
  21. Maeib
  22. Blog About Beer
  23. Brainard Brewing
  24. The Brew Site
  25. Hair of The Dog Dave
  26. Akelas Biggins
  27. Beer at Joe’s
  28. A Good Beer Blog
  29. Beer
  30. Maine & Me
  31. Appellation Beer
  32. Southern Suds
  33. Beer from the Motherland
  34. What’s on Tap
  35. Brookston Beer Bulletin
  36. My Beer Pix
  37. Stonch’s Beer Blog

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