RAProject’s Pet Peeve Week 3 Canceled (For Now)

Ronald Huereca, one of the creators of the Pet Peeve Week 3 group writing project, sent out this cancellation explanation.

Peeve Week 3 group writing project

Hello everyone,

It’s a busy time for everyone this time of year, and Peeve Week 3 is no exception to this. It’s a few days before the deadline and almost half of the slots aren’t filled. It’s been difficult on how to weigh sponsors, prizes, and incentives with the lack of contributors. As a result, Simonne and I have decided to call Peeve Week 3 off. If you are a sponsor, your contribution will be refunded.

The decision is difficult, as some have already finished or started working on posts. If that is the case, I will still publish it on RAP if you desire. I will also work with you individually to compensate you for your time and effort.

Please accept my apology that this didn’t work out.


Ronald Huereca

Ronald’s message is very fitting for people running a blog called the Reader Appreciation Project. He and Simonne are setting a standard in their willingness to do everything they can to comfort their former group writing project’s participants.

To everyone involved, especially Ronald and Simonne, better luck next time.

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