Project Reason-4-Smile: Our Friends Group Writing Project

Inspired by Robert Hruzek’s “What I Learn From…” group writing projects, Robert Henru is kicking off his own group writing project series with a project about your friends.

Project Reason-4-Smile: Our Friends



In Robert’s words: “I am amazed on how wonderful each of my friends are… I have lots of things to learn from them, learn to appreciate their limitation and be thankful of their strength…mention at least 7 of your friends, either those you know online or offline. 7 is the minimum, and you can put as many as you like.”


  • Blog about 7 of your friends or more and describe the impact each friend has had on your life.
  • Give each of them a unique title and have fun with it (Robert used “X-Men” for his friends).
  • Link back to the announcement post.
  • Recommended: copy and use the group writing project logo here on the right.
  • Keep the article readable for all ages.
  • Tell your friends that you wrote about them and encourage the bloggers to do the same.
  • To submit your entry, leave the permalink url and post title in the comments on the announcement post. You can submit entries whenever you like, but only the entries received before the submission deadline will be eligible for the prizes.


There are 2 prizes:

  1. 125×125 ad for 1 month and 300 EntreCard credits – this prize will be awarded to the most creative entry as chosen by Robert and some of his friends in the announcement post.
  2. 125×125 ad for 1 month will be given to a random entry.

Submission Deadline

Tuesday May 20th 2008

5 thoughts on “Project Reason-4-Smile: Our Friends Group Writing Project”

  1. Hi jacob…
    I have never participated in this kind of event before.

    Anyway this was an informative piece of post. And I shall keep my fingers crossed to look such more posts from you.

  2. Hi Rome! Cool name 🙂

    You’ve come to the right place. Group Writing Projects are a great way to help grow your blog, meet other bloggers, get traffic and links. Read our About page for more details.

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