Before You Join: 5 Things You Should Know About Yaro Starak’s Blog Mastermind

Here are some things you should know before you rush out to join Yaro Starak’s Blog Mastermind.

Yaro Starak's Blog Mastermind

Some background

I was in the first Blog Mastermind class from June to December 2007, and it literally changed me. That’s why I call it the best blogging course in the world.

Tip #1 The course is also for people who already have a blog

Yaro has created a number of videos for the relaunch of Blog Mastermind:

If you watch the videos, you might get the impression that Blog Mastermind is only for people who don’t yet have a blog or are just starting out with their blog.

In reality, Blog Mastermind is for any person who wants to use blogging to make money, either by creating a blogging-based business or by growing an existing business through blogging.

Tip #2 The course will pay for itself

For the 2008 edition, students have the new option of paying US$497 for immediate access to all course materials. However for that first class, we paid monthly to receive weekly lessons.

Whether you now choose the “One Time Payment” option and save US$85 or opt for the 6 monthly payments of US$97, you will earn back your money if you follow the lessons and apply what you learn.

I didn’t follow the lessons as well as I could have, so it took me a month beyond the course end to make back my money, but I did.

Tip #3 Plan enough time to follow the lessons

Why was I late making back my entry fee? Simply put – I didn’t plan enough time for the weekly lessons and homework so I started to fall behind. This advice is true for any course you take, online or off- if you want to reap maximum benefits, don’t just pay for it. Plan the necessary effort to take full advantage of your purchase.

Tip #4 Use ALL the resources, not just the lessons

There are 32 lessons for you to go through and they were written with a weekly time-span in mind. At a few hours a week that’s over 7 months of work!

In addition to the lessons, Yaro also includes:

  • Motivational “get the right mindset” podcasts
  • Other Q&A audio podcasts and interviews with A-list bloggers talking about their own success methods
  • Advanced content created by Daily Blog Tips’ Daniel Scocco and Blog Mastermind success story Alborz Fallah
  • Video blog case studies
  • Access to the Blog Mastermind forums – probably the most under-used resource of the entire package.

Tip #5 Do what you can to impress Yaro

Yaro Starak's Blog Mastermind

Yaro is one of the world’s best bloggers. He’s also one of the most likable and modest people you’ll ever meet.

The Blog Mastermind course will give you direct access to Yaro and his staggering wealth of blogging knowledge. When you consider that other business mentors can cost thousands of dollars, you can understand that just this direct access alone may be worth the price of the course.

I finished Blog Mastermind in December 2007 and I’m still in touch with Yaro, I recently interviewed him over on JobMob.

If you impress Yaro throughout the course, don’t be surprised if he asks to use your story in his future promotional content.

Only good things can come of having an A-list blogger in your network.

Are you ready for the best blogging course in the world?

Join Blog Mastermind Now

Bonuses if you join before August 1st 2008

Bonus 1: a US$40 discount on your first payment.

Bonus 2: a randomly-selected new member will also get an additional $57 discount, for a total US$97 value. You’ll be getting one free month! The random selection will happen on August 2nd.

The discounts will be paid out via Paypal (need an account?) after the 30-day guarantee is over.

To qualify for these last 2 bonuses, you need to join Blog Mastermind before August 1st 2008 using this link:

Join Blog Mastermind Now

Good luck getting the early bonuses and I hope you enjoy the course as much as I did (and still do, I continue to refer to the course materials).

5 thoughts on “Before You Join: 5 Things You Should Know About Yaro Starak’s Blog Mastermind”

  1. Wish I have the money to join his class 🙁 I wonder if there’s any success stories out there other than that of one of his former students (

  2. Hey Sam,
    Alborz is an exceptional success meant to demonstrate what’s doable but most students won’t get so far so quick and you know what, that’s fine. If you read the testimonials, everyone has their own goals with which they’ll be satisfied as a result of the course.

    Personally, my goal isn’t to be a millionaire (neither Alborz or Yaro are, btw). Rather, I want to make myself a good living doing something I love and requiring only as much work as I’m willing to do. Blog Mastermind has put me on that road. I’m not just saying that, look at my blogs.

    Bear in mind – both Yaro and Alborz’s success took a few years – not months – to make. When I signed up for the course a year ago, Yaro was “only” making over $5K per month at that point, after 2+ years. One year earlier, it was “just” $2K per month, but when he started out, it took a few months for him to make a few hundred. As long as you keep at it, you’ll make progress.

    Something I read recently that’s very true: Action cures fear.

    Most (really, not kidding) students will make back the value of the course fairly quickly, which means they’ll have terrific free resources to reference forever.

    If you’re budget-conscious (who isn’t?), frankly I recommend the weekly version. There’s the 30-day moneyback guarantee covering the first lessons, which should be enough to know if you like the course’s rhythm. Plus, you can cancel at any time so if for some reason after month 2 you change your mind, you’ll have only paid out $194.

  3. Thanks for the reply. Well, I really hope this will work out. But I guess I have to save money for the cost of the lesson. For sure he’ll offer this class in the future. Hopefully, this blog of mine would have earned enough money to invest for Yaro’s course. (this is a 1 month old earning 0 so far*laughs)

    Sam from Philippines

  4. If even one payment is going to be a problem, don’t sign up, it will stress you. But, it really does take money to make money and in this case, you have a discount, a moneyback guarantee and a good chance of earning back the cost. Of course, the latter involves following through, which is one of the things I warned about.

    A beginning blogger will benefit most from the course because you will have wasted the least time inefficiently finding the same information around the web.

    To quote Yaro in a comment he made yesterday: “That’s the true power of buying online courses (at least the good ones) – you get the experience of an expert packaged up into a neat, streamlined, training program without the information overload, or the trudging around the free sites trying to find reliable information.”

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