Over $2000 in Prizes: The 4th Annual JobMob Guest Blogging Contest

Over on JobMob, I’m having my usual summer guest blogging contest and this year’s is bigger than ever.

Colored pencils


Job Search

Write a new blog post for JobMob on a topic related to job search. Some suggestions are:

  • Job search success stories (anywhere in the world that you are!)
  • Unusual job search experiences
  • Your opinion on a specific job search-related topic
  • Your most-liked/least-liked job search tools, websites, etc.


There are actually quite a few rules, so it’s better to just see the announcement post.


There are over US$2000 in prizes, and the good news is that every contestant will win at least two prizes. However, there’s only room for 25 contestants so get your entry in asap.

Submission Deadline

There is no submission deadline, but once the 25th contestant submits their guest post entry, no more submissions will be accepted.


The first guest post will appear on Sunday August 1st 2010, and the official contest results will be announced on Monday, September 13th, 2010.

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