11 Most Interesting Pre-Launch Group Writing Project Logos

One way to give your group writing project credibility and generate some extra buzz is with a nice official logo that participants will want to show off. Here’s a list of the most interesting logos from group writing projects that took place before Group Writing Projects was launched in February 2008. Enjoy!

The logos are in no specific order.

1. Announcing the Lists Group Writing Project

Lists Group Writing Project

This well-designed logo definitely had a hand in the success of Luciano Passuelo’s Lists group writing project over on Litemind. The notepad ties in perfectly with the theme, the image has matching colors, the name of the group writing project is easy to read. I participated in this gwp with 150 Funniest Resume Mistakes, Bloopers and Blunders Ever.

2. Spread the Love NOW! Group Writing Project

Spread the Love Group Writing Project

Although a bit small, this logo ties in nicely with the theme of the project. A pair of hands holding a heart is a great visual for spreading love. I participated in this gwp with How to be a Compassionate Job Seeker.

3.What I Learned From…Group Writing Project

What I Learned From... Group Writing Project

Yes, believe it or not, Robert Hruzek’s WILF group writing projects have been around for quite some time. This is a fun logo that captures the essence of those gwps with its playfulness and numerous symbols of wisdom and learning. I was in the WILF Work gwp with What I Learned From Homer Simpson About Jobs.

4. 31 Days to Building a Better Blog – 2007

31 Days to Building a Better Blog Group Writing Project

Although Darren Rowse’s gwps are always successes – good themes, enough subscribers for anything to be popular – the logos are less so. This is arguably the best logo Darren has used to date. Although the image is too large in size and weight (almost 100K), the uber-hammer is a good symbol for the building ideas that the project covered.

5. It’s Peeve Week 2 Time!

Peeve Week 2

Although this logo is very simple, the look on her face is perfect disgust for matching with anyone’s pet peeves, which of course is the theme of the Peeve Week group writing projects.

6. Group Writing Project: If I Knew Then What I Know Now

If I Knew Then What I Know Now - China Group Writing Project

This group writing project was about people’s preconceptions before moving to China. The logo depicts the Communist-red country in a spotlight, and the sinister colors and text fit the mood of the gwp. Great job.

7. Something Good Group Writing Project (With Prizes)

Something Good Group Writing Project

A simple logo for a simple group writing project where the idea was to share goodness with others. Although a bit rough around the edges, the earthy smiles and flowers of this logo match the mood that creator Lorna Doone wanted. I entered this gwp with 5 Reasons to Volunteer Your Way to Your Next Job.

8. Minimalism in Photography: a Group Writing/Imaging Project

Minimalism in Photography Group Writing Project

A mostly-empty photo where it’s almost as if the depicted lighter is illuminating the title. It’s almost too minimalist. Perfect choice.

9. Wish: A Group Writing Project

Wish Group Writing Project

Although somewhat rough, the cartoon dreamers communicate the project’s theme clearly. Only something with a genie bottle could have been better.

10. Group Writing Project: Time Management

Time Management group writing project

It’s easy to tell that this one was done by a professional designer, none other than project creator Vivien of InspirationBit. The flying clocks suggest the chaos that wastes time and the need to tame it, to manage it. And of course, anything green is synonymous with reducing waste to a minimum. I entered this gwp with Supercharge Your Job Search by Saving Time.

11. Group Project: Source Of Inspiration

Sources of Inspiration Group Writing Project

Another beauty by Vivien of InspirationBit. Literally showing a water source as a source of inspiration, the water bubbling over like the feeling when you’re truly inspired. I had fun participating with 5 People Who Inspired the Creation of JobMob.

This list is part of Designer Daily’s Design You Love Group Writing Project that I announced right here on Group Writing Projects.

10 thoughts on “11 Most Interesting Pre-Launch Group Writing Project Logos”

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  3. Though I wouldn’t call them ‘logos’, more like banners, or promotional images, I did like the idea of putting together such a post.

    Thanks for featuring my two GWP’s here and for participating and promoting them. It was very interesting to read your ‘decoding’ of my images 🙂

  4. Em- maybe it’s time for another gwp?

    Luciano- why ProBlogger’s? I really like yours and Vivien’s Clock Chaos.

    Vivien- thanks! I know what you mean, ‘banners’ is a better term, come to think of it. Glad you enjoyed my gwp art appreciation class 🙂

  5. I think Problogger’s have a clean look and I like the font very much. But I also like the other logos, too.

    Regarding Litemind GWP’s, I’m no graphic designer, but I had a lot of fun creating the logo — glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

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