Minimalist Sailing Group Writing Project

Tillerman wants to hear about how you would drill down sailing to its bare essentials.

Pensive Sailor Learning Experiences


Minimalist Sailing

In Tillerman’s words: “What are the fundamentals of sailing that we enjoy? Such simple things.. wind, water… and some machine that propels us using those elements. Why make it more complicated and fussy than it needs to be? Let’s get back to basics. Less is more.”


  1. Write a new post on topic.
  2. Link to the announcement post on the Proper Course blog.
  3. To submit your entry, email tillermeister [at] gmail [dot] com with your permalink url and post title.
  4. Recommended: Give your story a unique title.
  5. Recommended: Follow the Proper Course blog to visit the different entries and comment on them.

Submission Deadline

Sunday, October 18th 2009


As Tillerman posts them on his Proper Course blog

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