Results from MamaBlogga’s Me Time Group Writing Project

MamaBlogga’s January group writing project has now ended with a nice 21 entries and a winner of the US$30 gift certificate at Way to go, Jordan!

(Being one of the first project announcements here, this group writing project gets a free pass to have its results published. Soon, only creators that first submit their group writing project will merit the display of their results here at Group Writing Projects)

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21 Results

  1. Me. Me. Me! by Shawn
  2. Dear God, Why Me? by Megan Toney
  3. I’ll take care of me, one way or the other by Daisy
  4. Me Time by Jill
  5. I’m a person, not a calculator by Tracy
  6. Simple Things by Ursula
  7. Just Like Brigitte Bardot by Mama Zen
  8. Work IS My Time for Myself by Believer in Balance
  9. What Time is It? by Mommy Zabs
  10. Me-Time Is All in My Head by Marta Pelrine-Bacon
  11. Searching For My “Me Time” by Amanda
  12. Who Are We Kidding? by mumple
  13. Me Time by Lisa
  14. I Need Some Me Time! by Lynnae
  15. My Time on the Throne by Candace (Mama Mia)
  16. Did Wonder Woman Ever Cry? by Julie Arduini
  17. Me Time! by Joleene Libby
  18. Me, myself and I by Deb – Mom of 3 Girls
  19. Don’t Just Do Something – Sit There! by phyllis
  20. My “me time:is what I make of it by MomOnTheGo
  21. Me Time for Moms by Jordan (MamaBlogga )

Prize Winner

Me Time! by Joleene Libby. Congratulations, Joleene 🙂

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