Life Balance Group Writing Project

Over on the Create a Balance blog, Stacey wants you to look for some equilibrium in your life and tell us all about it.

Balanced stones and rocks


Life balance

In Stacey’s words: “explore the practice of life balance and get more and more people thinking about what life balance means to them.”


  • Blog about life balance. The announcement post has some suggested angles.
  • Your post must be new.
  • Only 1 entry per person.
  • Recommended: read the other submissions, promote them via social media, leave comments and meet the other participants.
  • To submit your entry, The post must contain a link back to the announcement post. If a trackback link isn’t generated, leave a comment as well with your post’s permalink url and title.


  • 5 people will win 125×125 pixel buttons placements on for November 2008

Other prizes may be added later.

In addition to the prizes, the results of this group writing project will be compiled in “a free eBook about the power of practicing the art of life balance.”

Submission Deadline

October 26th 2008, midnight Central Standard Time


Beginning October 27th 2008

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