Let’s Talk Sleep Group Writing Project

Let’s Talk Babies has just announced their first group writing project, hoping to give you something to do when your baby’s keeping you up at night.

Let's Talk Babies Group Writing Project



In Lisa’s words: “Write about anything related to sleep; your own sleep troubles, your baby’s sleep troubles, creative ways you have handled sleep problems, whatever you can come up with.”



2 random participants will win a autographed copy of Elizabeth Pantley’s “No Cry Sleep Solution”

Submission Deadline

Friday July 25th 2008, 12pm noon (check your local time here)


Will be added to a dedicated blog post as they arrive

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Sleep Group Writing Project”

  1. aaah, this is a perfect topic to write about during my blogathon. i’ll be doing 24 hours of blogging on july 26, and sleep will be something i KNOW i will be thinking about! 🙂

  2. Wow, good luck. I have a relatively small window every day during which I can blog, the rest of the day the words just come too slowly so a blogathon wouldn’t be for me. Enjoy it 🙂

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