$150 JobMob Guest Blogging Contest

Over on JobMob I’m holding my second summer guest blogging contest. If you have unusual job search stories to tell, a handy list of resources you compiled on your last job search or any other insight for job seekers, come on over.

Not a group writing project in itself, but it should still be a lot of fun.

Guest posts are already being accepted until September 1st 2008….

Colored Pencils


  • Must be a new post of original content written in English.
  • Your post should be relevant to the JobMob Community, ask me first if you’re not sure or just take a look at JobMob’s sitemap or Best Of tab for ideas.
  • No advertising allowed but you can and should refer back to you own blog when relevant.
  • Any images you use must be royalty-free and appear according to their license.
  • Write as if your audience has children in it. I had my first job at 14, so you never know who will be reading.
  • Recommended: send a byline with 3-4 lines about yourself, including a photo if possible. Posting anonymously is also ok.
  • Send in your guest post via email to jacob [dot] share [at] shareselectmedia [dot] com. You can submit as many guest posts as you like, each one will be considered a separate entry.

How to win

Simple: get as many people as you can to read your guest post.

The grand prize winner is the author of the guest post with the most unique visitors during the 7 days after the post was published on JobMob. Here are some traffic tips on how to attract maximum visitors to your entry.

Tiebreaker goes to the post with the most trackbacks & pingbacks so try to get links to your guest posts as well. Liinking to your own guest posts is fine within reason.

The first guest post appeared this week and the other posts will follow throughout the month of August and into the beginning of September. If there are many entries, I may extend the contest by an additional 2 weeks.


The grand prize winner will earn:

  • US$150 sponsored by JobMob.

Prize money will be paid in any currency that PayPal understands (get a PayPal account here).

Submission deadline

1 pm Israel time on September 1st 2008 (check your local time here).


Once the first guest posts are published, you’ll be able to track your progress on the regularly-updated Contest Rankings page. The winner will be announced within 1 week of the end of the contest, along with a roundup of all the guest posts.

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