Jacob Cass’s Second Design Group Writing Project

Hot on the heels of his successful $5000+ Graphic Design Group Writing Project, Jacob Cass is at it again with his second design group writing project.

$5000+ prize giveaway graphic design group writing projectTheme

Graphic design

In Jacob’s words: “anything at all to do with design.”


  1. Write a new post on the subject of graphic design
  2. Only one post is eligible per blog
  3. Can be in any language
  4. Contact Jacob with your name, title of your post and the permalink url.
  5. Recommended but not required: You should link back to Jacob’s announcement post.


US$10 cash by Paypal, chosen by Jacob as the best article in the bunch.

Submission Deadline

Saturday March 29th, 2008


Coming Sunday March 30th, 2008

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