How To Write a Website Group Writing Project

Brad Shorr of Word Sell Inc. and Karen Swim of Words for Hire have come up with one of the most useful group writing projects to hit the Web.
Write a Website Group Writing Project


How to write a website

In Brad’s words: “Karen and I think small business owners need help. You can have the greatest programmer in the world, and the most eye catching design, but in the end, it still boils down to what words go where.”

How it works

  • Subscribe to the Word Sell Inc. blog
  • Brad will post project-related topics on the blog with questions to get you thinking. Each project-related post will mention “How to Write a Website” in the title.
  • You participate with your comments

I’m a bit late with this announcement. Chapter 1 about the Home Page and Chapter 2 covering the About Us page are already open and being discussed so join in.

The goal

Create an ebook for entrepreneurs and small business owners about the different kinds of written content their website should have.

Submission Deadline

This is an ongoing project with no deadline so far


To be announced

1 thought on “How To Write a Website Group Writing Project”

  1. Hi Jacob, Thank you for the mention. We’re very excited about the project and have gotten great contributions so far. We can sure use more contributors and welcome thoughts from writers, developers, and anybody who thinks critically about websites. In many ways, what users have to say about web content is more valuable than what we “experts” think.

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