How To Choose The Perfect Web Host Group Writing Project

How did you choose your web host?

Win an iPad2


How to chose the perfect web host

In Mirko’s words: “This will hopefully end up with a variety of informative articles as well as give you an opportunity to connect with other designers and bloggers.”


  • Write a new post expressing your opinion about the topic.
  • Your blog post must be at least 100 words long.
  • The post must contain links to Designer Daily and WebHostingBuzz.
  • Recommended: link to other participants’ blog posts.
  • To submit your entry, leave a comment with your permalink on the announcement post or email it to mirko[at]designer-daily[dot]com.


One randomly-chosen winner will win an iPad 2

Submission Deadline

Thursday June 30th 2011 July 31st 2011


Friday July 1st 2011 August 1st 2011

11 thoughts on “How To Choose The Perfect Web Host Group Writing Project”

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  2. Hi Jacob. Have you heard anything about the results to this GWP? I entered, but the comment form on the announcement post was closed. As requested, I posted my entry on the current post’s comment field and emailed Mirko the link, but I didn’t get a response. I also haven’t seen any other posts anywhere.

  3. Kate- nope, I haven’t heard anything so far. Mirko’s a good guy, I’ve known him for a few years, so I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation. We’ll see next week. Good luck getting the iPad 🙂

  4. Kate- the official announcement post now lists our 2 entries as the only ones, so if a prize is ultimately awarded, you’ve got a good shot 🙂 I still haven’t heard back from Mirko, so I’m not sure what’s happening with the winner selection.

  5. Hi.
    I have written an article in my blog on 29th July for the web hosting article writing competition.
    I have sent the link to Mirko’s email 2 days ago, but i didn’t get a reply so i’m not sure if he received it. So i’m including the link here in this post.

    By the way, i was wondering, how will the winners be announced? Through email or on the Designer-Daily website?

  6. Sumaiya (Serene Author)

    i’m so sorry about the double comments. I was having problems posting before. The first time my comment didnt appear, so i posted again. And then they both appeared together. it’s strange.

  7. Sumaiya- according to the extension, the contest results will be announced tomorrow, Aug. 1st. I don’t know if he’ll only contact the winner by email or just post the information in a new blog post on his site.

    When I submitted my entry, Mirko didn’t reply immediately either, so that doesn’t mean that he didn’t get it. Keep your fingers crossed 🙂

  8. Hi Jacob-
    I just received an email today from Mirko. He said there was only 3 people participating in the competition, so it wasn’t enough to draw an Ipad. However he still added my article to the list since i participated in the competition.

    So I think the competition is getting cancelled now, but I’m not sure.

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