Happiness Blog Hop and Group Writing Project

What does Happiness mean to you?
Happiness Blog Hop



In Jennifer’s words: “Over the next month or so, each blogger who participates will post on a given day about what Happiness means to them on their own blog (or mine for non-bloggers)”


  • FIRST- signup here. Jennifer will contact you with more details and assign you a date to post your entry on your own blog.
  • On the assigned date, write a new blog post on the theme, including the link to the previous & next participants.
  • Use the official logo (here on the right) in your post. See the announcement post for an easy way how.
  • If you don’t have a blog, you can submit your entry as a guest post.
  • Recommended: link back to the announcement post.

Submission Deadline

Monday, October 14th 2010


Starting Friday, October 18th 2010

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